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I've been thinking I needed to write this.  Sometime.  To catch you up if you missed it, several months ago I signed up to become a distributor with the #1 natural nutrition company in the United States.  I was excited!  I had heard good things about Shaklee and as I browsed the catalog and learned more about the company, I started to think it could be an excellent way to a. share a healthy lifestyle with those I love and b. earn some supplementary income for our family. 

I began, purchased and tried many of their products, and held several events.  I had a grand opening, a "Raising Healthy Kids" lunch, and I even went to my local gym and set up a table to talk to people there.  I sent e-mails, made a facebook page, and tried to throw myself into it.  That is, as much as you can throw yourself into something while also working a part time job and being a wife and mom to a baby under 1. 

I don't know exactly when it was, but I started to wonder if this was really "me."  If it was doable and worth it.  We were putting money INTO it and although I know that any business start-up requires a financial investment, we both realized that we couldn't keep up that pace unless things really took off. 

I remember asking my dad, "Do you think I'll be able to sell?"  My dad and I are a lot alike and he once held a sales job that while it paid good, made him somewhat miserable.  I thought maybe because this was what I was interested in, I might be able to do it.  It's sharing, not selling =)  We knew that it would require TIME too.  I would need to spend my afternoons and evenings, basically much of any "free time" working Shaklee.  This got hard.  Finally, after years of waiting, I had my dream scenario.  I got to work part time and spend the rest of my day with my beautiful baby girl.  I started to see that I would love to get to do just that.  Be a mom.

I felt guilty a little and asked Ryan if he was upset that I was "giving up."  He said not at all!  And guess what, I'm still a distributor.  :-)  We're still going to use some of the Shaklee products, as many as we can afford!  The products are excellent.  They've been tested by a team of scientists, published in over 100 peer reviewed journals, and testified to by many others who use them.  They carry everything from vitamins, to skin care, weight managment supplements, and green home cleaners.  I HEART THEIR WATER PITCHER AND BABY WASH!! :>

So.  All that to say...if you've noticed a decrease in my "Shaklee-isms," that's why.  I would still be happy to answer any questions you might have or talk to you about their products.  You can still order through me!

Lastly, I just really didn't want to be that friend.  I wanted to be able to calll my girlfriends and catch up without them wondering if I was just calling to see when they might order.  Ick!  I DO care about the health of my friends and family, I'm just not a sales...woman.  So there you have it.  I love Shaklee and what they have to offer, but right now I'm loving even more being a wife and mom.  They aren't exclusive but for me, it wasn't a super fit. 

Ok, now if you've never heard of Shaklee, you should check them out!  This is my website that will be up only a little longer...you can also go here!

Thanks for listening :)

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I'm proud of ya!

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