You know the drill...BSM Edition 5!

So.  My child is going through an "almost 8 months old clingy stage."  As I write this, she's crying and not wanting to go to sleep.  She's wanted to be within 2 inches of me pretty much the whole day.  It's not really even that she's been that fussy, she just wants to be close.  I'm sure it's just a stage though, hopefully!  It was kinda funny today, I kept trying to sneak in little bits of reading while she played.  I'm almost half-way through! 

 <Ok, she's asleep.  Had to pause and go in and rock her.  Which I secretly enjoy even though we've been attached at the hip today.  Bath time and her bedtime routine have always been our special time.  I do need to let daddy in on it every now and then though.>

I decided yesterday that I needed a facebook break.  I've carried it on into today as well and I have to say, it's been nice.  Sometime I just kinda get "over it" and can tend to be a bit obsessive with stuff like that.  It's good to un-plug now and then.  Facebook can become a major time suck if you let it and I'm as guilty as anyone.

Today is Blog Spotlight Monday #5!  I haven't decided how long I'm going to do this as I don't see myself covering every blog on my blog roll.  We'll see.  If I don't get to yours, it's nothing personal! :>

I want to talk about this blog tonight.  2 Jessica's in a row!  I discovered "How Sweet It Is" a while back and fell in love.  Even if you don't make the recipes, or find them decadent and alluring, you will find yourself laughing out loud *or at least smiling* as you read this girl's writing.  She's funny and it's a relaxing read after a short morning long day at the office.  Plus, let's be real.  A lot of her recipes feature things I love: CHOCOLATE. PEANUT BUTTER. CHOCOLATE. FROSTING.  You get my drift.  She's a personal trainer turned cooking fiend that I find extremely witty.  And there are even healthy recipes featured as well.

Take a look.  Laugh :)  Drool.  Go now.

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