I have no idea what to call this post or what I will write about but that's unimportant.  Let's get started.

My husband is back home, praise the Lord!  It wasn't TOO, too bad but I have no idea how single moms do it and I feel for wives whose husbands are gone a lot/deployed.  I'm glad it's Friday too, as I always am, and am looking forward to relaxing a bit this weekend and reading "The Help."  I'm only on chapter 5 and I have got to get going!  We are planning a girls Sunday School class dinner and a movie night which gives me 13 days to finish it.  No sweat.?

Karlyn and I went shoe shopping today.  My kid has chubby-ish feet that match the rest of her body and while she really hasn't worn a lot of shoes yet (newborn shoes are a waste in my opinion) I feel like it's time for her to probably start wearing shoes out in public.  We got these two pairs!  They fit my qualifications of:

  • Neutral and will go with a lot

  • Easy to put on/take off

Speaking of chubby, the girl also caused me my first major mommy panic experience the other day when she got her leg stuck between two bars in the front of the grocery cart.  She somehow pulled her leg out of the big normal spot and put it in between a smaller space.  I realized this when I went to take her out of the cart.  She immediately started crying, I panicked, and we were outside, HOT.  This guy had just gotten out of his truck and I said, "her leg is stuck!"  He came over and was trying to help, and gosh I was scared.  He pulled a tool out of his truck and was trying to bend the bar, I'm trying to tell her it will be ok while also wondering if I'm going to have to call an ambulance.  *Probably not that drastic but I didn't know what I would do!*  Finally it came out, although I still don't know how.  Thank you Jesus!

Tomorrow we're headed to a 1-year birthday party for Preston, Ryan's cousin's little boy.  This will be Karlyn's first b-day party to attend :-)  I think she is going to look super cute too and wear her new silver shoes :>  We bought Preston a cute army green and khaki outfit from The Children's Place today.  I like that store!  Her others shoes were bought at Kid-to-Kid, a store I LOOOOVE.  They had so many cute shoes to choose from, but most of them were too big. 

Last night Ryan and I were laying in bed and somehow started talking about what the next 10 years might look like.  I chimed in quickly with what I thought sounded good. . . and then said, "Yes, but that may not be God's plans for us.  We have to be open to whatever He might have for us."  Easier said than done right?  I don't at all think it's wrong to plan for the future or have ideas-hopes-dreams about what you'd like to see happen but I think we have to be open to a different path, a different time table, or a completely different plan God may lead us towards if He sees fit.

Do you think about the next 5, 10, 15 years and what they might look like? 

Ok, I gotta go.  My child will not nap!



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