Outlooks and Experiments

Hmm. Hmm. Hmmmm...

How's your Tuesday going? 

I've tried to have a different and new outlook on my job this week.  It's there for me.  Provided by God as a consistent means of income.  It fits me and my personality, which is task-oriented.  I know my co-workers, since I've been there since 2007.  It's a Christian company and run with the highest measure of integrity.  It's part-time, which is a GINORMOUS BLESSING and allows me to spend most of my day with a certain little girl I've grown rather fond of.  A certain little girl who is not napping right now. 

Sometimes a new outlook is just what's in order. 

I'm experimenting <again> with a new food outlook as well.  August is meatless for me so far.  I've done this a few other times and as usual, I'm enjoying it and at times it's pretty effortless.  I feel "lighter" for lack of a better word and like my body is not having to expend as much energy digesting.  I need more variety though, stat.  And I know just where to get it!


I'll save her official "Blog Spotlight" for another day but know this: Mama Pea can whip up some tasty vegetarian/vegan cooking AND she has a new book out!  She was even on a Northwest talk show today and has linked a video from it on today's post.  I'm going to spend some time perusing her "reci-peas" for some new ideas/grocery lists.  I'm going to whip this up later today as I need some new snacks other than this box of crack:

Do you ever experiment with different ways of eating?  I'm definitely not one for going vegan, gluten free, dairy free, etc. just for the label.  That's silly.  But, if it makes you feel better, your health, energy, or mood improves, and you're a happier person, why not?!


Jacqueline Gowins Fortner said...

I don't eat meant 90% of the time. I do like to splurge on salmon. And I like tuna (canned). It wasn't a fad. I just don't like the texture of chewing through meat. Ugh.
For variety, ethnic food is amazing! Indian and Asian foods are typically non-meat. As, historically, meat was either against religious ideologies or quite expensive.
Find foods you love and start mixing and matching.
My girls and I have fruit smoothies quite often because we all love fruit. And the smoothies are considered "ice cream" by the girls. :)

Karen said...

I recently watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Totally changed my outlook on animal products and micronutrient foods. I've always been interested in nutrition and enjoy reading up on stuff like that in my spare time, but I try not to get over involved....it seems like every month "they" are telling you eat this, don't eat that. I agree with your last statment...when I eat better and a diet that works for me, my mood is way better. Dave and I have started using the website loseit.com to help us track our calorie intake (I've got my last 10 to loose and he has a few smypathy pounds) and it's been helpful in helping me visually see how many fruits and veggies I eat as opposed to carbs and animal products. Anyway...that's my new focus...less animal products and more fruits, veggies, and other micro nutrient foods.