BSM Edition 4!

Well, looks like I haven't blogged in a week.  I've been a tad busy.  Being a single mom-catching rodentsor paying someone to-watching proposals-working out-and trying not to die in this heat. 

And I'm supposed to be reading "The Help."  I got the book from my mom on Saturday and so far have read 1 CHAPTER.  Tonight I'm reading till I fall asleep!

Blog Spotlight Monday #4 is a little late, but here ya go!  This week I'm featuring. . .

Becky at "A Compilation Piece."  Formerly, "And Baby Makes 3."  :-)

Becky and her husband have a 10.5 month old named Russ who is stinkin cute.  I met this lovely lady in some fitness forums we both frequented way back when.  We would read each other's questions posted about babies, budgets, and the like.  Well Becky got preggo 1st and it was so exciting!  A few months later, I joined the baby bump club myself and Becky was part of the group of online ladies I actually told first (after Ryan) about my exciting news!  She was super stoked for me and from then on we both journeyed down the road to motherhood together. 

Becky writes honestly and from the heart and isn't afraid to say what she thinks.  She's into cooking, re-decorating her kitchen, working out, and like me, trying desperately to keep her child from growing up too fast!  To that I can relate.

It truly has been a blessing to have her as my online friend :) and have someone to bounce questions off of and share kiddo pictures with.  Maybe one day we can meet in person!  I would like that.  I'm thankful that the Lord brings us friends at just the right times and seasons of our life, exactly when we need them.

If you're looking for a refreshingly honest take on life, head on over!

And because this post needs a picture...

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Jenny said...

Aww I love the pic, talk about cute! :)