New Tricks

I'm learning a new trick.  Since Karlyn has moved out of her infant seat and into a big girl car seat, I can't just carry her in the house, inside her seat when she's fallen asleep in the car.  Well the last two days she's fallen asleep on the way home.  When she was in her carrier, I'd just bring her/it in and and set her inside her room and let her finish her nap.  Now though I have to unbuckle her ever so gently and quickly and quietly transport her to her crib.  I've been successful both times!  And not having to lug that seat around everywhere is something I don't miss.

I promised I'd post my new easy delicious dinner "recipe."  It's pretty basic and non-original but I definitely am planning to incorporate it into our once a week meal rotation.  I give you...

"Roasted Potatoes and Vegetables"
It was really easy!  I cut up 2 potatoes (just the good ol regular kind) into chunks along with some veggies.

  • squash

  • zucchini

  • green beans (didn't cut those)

  • purple onion

  • a few diced frozen carrots

Into a bowl I poured 1/4 cup of olive oil and then added 1 T. of Mrs. Dash regular seasoning plus some salt and pepper.  I spooned this all over the potato/veggie mixture and then tossed it all together.  I roasted it in the oven in a 9x13 glass pan at 450 degrees for about an hour, stirring it all about every 10 minutes.

I was super impressed!  It was YUMMY :-)  I put on a chicken breast for Ryan and then I paired mine with a romaine salad and a Morningstar veggie burger ~

This recipe is really veratile though because you could switch up the potatoes and use sweet instead and then really ANY veggies would work!  It's pretty filling too: fiber from the veggies, starchy potato carbs, and healthy olive oil fat.

. . . . .

I also have to share these too cute photos of you know who.  My mom works part time at Chic-fil-a and she got Kar this shirt.  We tried it on the other day and I thought it was adorable!  It's a 2T.   :-0

Happy Weekend!



mom said...

i know everybody loves chick fil a but not everyone looks so adorable in the t shirt. she could be a chick fil a model!!

elizabethlikesbutter said...

Chick-fil-a!!! CUTEST SHIRT EVER!!!! And a very cute baby, too. ;)
Those roasted potatoes and veggies look very good! I've been trying to get more veggies in, lately. Broccoli and spinach are yummy as well. :D

Karen said...

def gonna try your recipe. Dave and i are really focusing on eating more veggies and fruit. We've done really well so far, except when our groceries got low :>(. It's helped me start losing the last 10 pounds I have. Thanks for the tip!