Just a little recap

Well, I missed last week's "Blog Spotlight Monday" and I don't think today's is going to happen either.  Maybe it's over :-)

Our weekend seemed to fly by pretty quickly but we managed to fit a lot in.  Friday night we headed to my parents for a big "back-to-school" get together.  It was a lot of fun and it's just rare that we all can make it on the same night and have all 8 kids together.  I love my brothers and sister!  We took a lot of pictures which is always fun with teenage boys.  We ate, talked, and watched as Kollin packed up one of the vans to haul all his belongings back to HPU for school.  It's really neat that he's there right now since Kyle and I went there too.  It seems like only yesterday that my parents were dropping ME off.  Here are some of the fun pics from that night~

The one of Keith by the van...all the seniors at his school decorate their cars for the first day of school.  Did you read what it said?? :)  And the last one if goober girl in a Fat Albert shirt.  ha ha.  Love it.

Saturday we ran mega errands in the heat and it was also tax-free weekend.  We were out and about for 5 HOURS and Karlyn hung in there and was a trooper.  I found some shorts that fit at Old Navy - miracle of miracles - one brown pair and one navy blue and they're pretty cute!  We got some light bulbs we'd been needing at Home Depot and then a few other stops...nothing too exciting. 

By Sunday, we were ready to crash.  I did go to a little 31 party hosted by Ryan's cousin Nicole.  They have cute things and I ordered an insulated lunch bag that is black and white flowers with a bright pink handle.  Can't wait to get it!

All of this, and I still am not sleeping great.  I'm really hoping this ends soon and that I get back to normal, whatever that is.  On the bright side, Karlyn is sleeping GREAT.  She slept till 8:00 on Saturday morning and this morning we had to wake her up at 7:20 to get her dressed and leave.  She was so cute with her head nestled into one corner of the crib and her booty sticking up in the air.  ha.

Today we got to eat lunch with my long time friend Lindy who hadn't seen Karlyn in probably 6 months?? Gosh, a long time.  It was good to catch up with her and I wish we lived closer.

That's what's been going on.  I'm still checking my weather app every day to see if some how, some way, the heat is going to end soon.  No such luck. :-0



Shannon said...

I have the Thirty-One lunch bag too and LOVE it!

MOM said...

LOVE it when we all get together. Your dad and I feel so blessed.

wolfenstein said...

wow hansome guy!!!