Catching some zzzzz's

Ya'll, I'm tired.

I have had major sleep issues lately and I'm about fed up with it.  I'm afraid it all started when Karlyn was born and I was waking up multiple times every night to feed her.  I would lay in bed, just listening for her...I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown edge.

Towards the end of my pregnancy I would take 1 benadryl before bed and that really helped.  I had to make it through an 8-9 hour workday still and so sleep was a necessity.  The benadryl allowed me to go back to sleep after I got up to pee for the 7th time.

I found out they make something called "Simply Sleep" which is the drowsy medicine you find in benedryl, but without the antihistamine.  So I've been taking that lately.  I know at least two things are playing into why I'm having trouble lately:

  • I haven't been working out as much, which would make me naturally tired-er and able to fall asleep at night

  • Hormones - there's an up and down adjustment period you go through after childbirth and then again after weaning

I try taking a bath, no tv, reading, etc and sometimes I still can't sleep.  Then I get panicked thinking, I've GOT TO GO TO SLEEP!!  I have to get up for work tomorrow and watch my child all afternoon.  If I don't take any medicine before bed, thinking I'll try it on my own and still can't sleep, then I take it later in the night.  This just makes me lethargic, exhausted, and grumpy the next morning and day and then I need a nap.  And then I can't sleep the next night.  It's a vicious cycle.  Ugh.

Any thoughts, ideas, advice?  I know I have got to workout.  That's a somewhat easy step I can take but it's hard sometimes to take her up to the gym with me and work it around her naps, or it's 300 degrees outside and too hot for a walk.  Or I'm tired from the night before and don't feel like it.  Not great excuses and I love working out, I really do!

I'd love to hear from anyone who's gone through this in any form and what things helped you.  I would greatly appreciate it!  :)


Karen said...

Kati...I've had this same problem during times of high stress (and motherhood is high stress!). I've solved it the hard way...stop taking meds cold turkey. Don't take anything at all. The first few nights and days it will be hard. You'll still lay awake most of the night, be tired the next morning, and probably a little grumpy. Whatever it takes, don't nap during the day and let the exhaustion start to set in. This might go on for several nights, but eventually the lack of sleep caught up with me and I felt myself starting to fall asleep on my own. By the third or fourth night, I was so tired that it didn't matter anymore and I finally just konked out! If you try it, maybe start on a Friday night when you know Ryan will be home to help you cope the next day and you won't be alone. I guarantee by Tue or Wed you will be falling asleep again. Just like with babies, when your body needs sleep, it will finally give in. Good luck!

Forever Amour said...

Being a december mommy myself I am in the same boat. Its worse now then when I was pregnant. I get Rye down for the night around 9. Then I follow at ten and I lay there forever, sometimes until 12 or 1 oclock in the morning. However I dont and havent taken anything (like ambien) because I still have to get up for Rye if he needs me at night and in the mornings. My doctor told me to take a tylenol PM before bed each night. I hope the working out helps you!