Click, Click. . .

Today started like this.

Uh Oh.
 That would be my vehicle.  And that would be my husband, looking to see what's going on.  I drove to our sitter's house, dropped off Karlyn, and then realized my car woudn't start.  It's been doing this thing for a couple weeks now where it would click, click, click, and THEN start.  Today, just a couple clicks.

I called Ryan and he headed over and then called for a tow through our insurance.  While we were waiting he decided to try to start it again and lo and behold, it did!  We drove it up to the mechanic shop we use and I've already got it back in my possession.  Thank you Jesus!  A new starter and battery later, and a nice chunk of change, and we're back in business.  Don't you just love car troubles?  I tried to look on the bright side.  The car is paid off and at least I didn't get stuck somewhere in the HEAT with the baby. 

I worked on my new blog today...What do you think???!  I'm actually really excited about it.  I like this template but I kind-of want more space to write in and post pictures...I guess I need a 2 column template?

After the car drama, today was pretty much business as usual.  Except I made myself a chocolate martini.

It's actually just ~ bananas (half frozen/half not), vanilla almond milk, 2 t. banana protein powder, 1 t. cocoa, and a blob of peanut butter.  It was no Sonic chocolate banana shake, but it sufficed.

This little girl went to her Nona's today and enjoyed herself as usual...sometimes she even comes home in a cute new outfit :>

These are all iPhone pics.  My memory card is filled up which means I need to do some cleaning out...ugh.  I need serious photo organization tips!  I keep thinking of checking out Pinterest and I know it's only a matter of time.  #JustLikeWith Twitter. ;-)

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