BSM Edition 3!

Howdy ya'll.  Karlyn and I had a fun first today.  I had to go by Tom Thumb to grab a few things on the way home after I picked her up and I thought I'd see how she'd do sitting up front in the shopping cart.  We have one of those cute cover things that someone gave us but I haven't opened it yet.  She did great though!!  It was fun :>

[caption id="attachment_2461" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="Ridin Pretty"][/caption]

Anyhoo, then I came home and got to open my July Shaklee order!  I'm excited because most of what I ordered is to use on Thursday night at LA Fitness!  My gym is having a "Member Appreciation Night" and I get to set up a Shaklee table and give out samples and info!  I'm excited!!

But let's get to it.  Blog Spotlight Monday #3! 


Today I want to talk about "Making Home" ~ Written by Jess


Jess is a wife and mother to five kids under age 9.  Wow!!  I have read Jess's blog on and off but recently added it to my blogroll so that I would remember just how good it is!  We used to both attend the same church way back when.  "Making Home" is about just that and Jess writes honestly about the books she's reading and how they're molding her, raising kids in today's society, and everything from birth control, to recipes, the making of a godly wife, and more.  She also posts a plethora of links to articles about more of the same that I've enjoyed.  I really would love to just spend a good chunk of time reading more on her site but alas, my days are crazy. 


I've been encouraged and convicted by her posts and am always prodded to stretch my thinking beyond the usual.  I know I could learn a lot from such a neat lady!  Go check her out :-)

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