You know you're a mom when...

I thought it would be fun to make a little list ~ "You know you're a mom when..."

These are not from personal experience

* Inside your purse, you find a baby shoe, a diaper, and a musical toy.  And you're unphased.

* You think of "sleeping in" on the weekends as anytime after 6:30 am.

* You look down and notice dried spit-up in the cuff of your jeans and think, "Huh, wonder how that got there...Oh well."

* Random Nick Jr. tunes float through your head during a workout instead of the latest pop song.

* You hear the sound of a truck stopping outside so you RUSH to the window to make sure it's not a Fed-Ex/UPS man about to ring your doorbell and/or knock, thus ending a precious thing known as nap time.

* The total number of pictures on your phone is 300 + and you can't bear to delete a single one.

* Growing your hair out is easy because finding the time for a hair-cut AND securing childcare means the stars must align.

* Your To-Do list has 37 items on it.  When faced with free time, the thought of getting all of it done is too daunting/stressful so you decide to take a nap.

* You've  perfected your baby voice and now say things like, "Did hers have a good morning?!" and "Ohhh, you're getting some new toofs!"

Feel free to add your own!


Em said...

Hahahahahaha!! Oh I love this list! And instead of calling it a "toof," I called it a "toofie" and now that he has more they are his "teefies." Ohhhhh lorrrrd... :)

Ryan Ivey said...

Those are some good ones there Kate!