Blog Spotlight Monday!

I thought I would start a new feature for Mondays where I spotlight the different blogs I like to read!  I'll keep them brief :-)  Maybe you'll find a new one to add to your own list!

Todays is...drumroll please...

Eat, Live, Run ~ Written by Jenna

I've been reading Jenna's blog for a couple of years I guess?  Right about the time I discovered food blogs in general!  I love her writing.  I have a certain order that I always go by when I'm blog reading and hers is always near the top.  Her photography is spectacular, her writing is witty and honest, and her recipes are things I actually want to make.  They don't have 30 hard to find ingredients and they are ALWAYS DELICIOUS.  I just made one of them tonight for dinner!

Jenna lost her brother a few years ago in a tragic accident.  I remember reading about it one Saturday morning when I was up for a run.  I was so sad...and I read her entries as she grieved over her family's loss.

I enjoy reading about her travels and adventures and am jealous quite often of the life experiences she's been privileged to enjoy!  I appreciate her outlook on balance and moderation.  You can have your dessert and yoga too :>

Head on over and check it out~ You won't be disappointed.


Karen said...

kati...what a great idea! I love food blogs too but have never explored many outside of what I see on other people's pages. Thanks for sharing!

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