Shaklee Sports Nutrition!

Hear ye, Hear ye, Hear ye!


For 12 more days, our Shaklee Sports Nutrition pack (a $75 value!) is yours FREE with a minimum $70 order and new membership sign-up!  These are amazing products!

Included in your "Sports Pack" is:

  • PURE Energy - Get a pure, clean blast of energy with our green tea extract energy chews!

  • Performance - Rehydrate before, during, and/or after exercise BETTER than with water alone OR other popular rehydration drinks

  • Physique - Consume after a workout to deliver the perfect ration of protiein and carbohydrates to your starving muscles. They'll thank you!

*These products are not just for the super-athlete either!  They're for you! :-) The everyday mom who needs a burst of energy, the weekend warrior running a 5-K, and even for your kiddos who are in sports at school. 

Contact me for more information!  For some reason, it's not letting me link up my Shaklee website, but here is the address you can type in:


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