BSM Edition 2!

I didn't forget about "Blog Spotlight Monday" last night...I just had hometown dates to watch more important things to do.

So here you go!  Blog Spotlight #2!  This week I've chosen to spotlight...bum, bum, bum...

The Estes Family ~ Written by Amanda

Amanda and her husband Brian have been great friends to Ryan and I!  Ryan knew them before I did and I started becoming friends with Amanda when Ryan and I started dating.  Then, Amanda and Brian helped me out when I was looking for a job and now Brian and I work together!  (Where I'm at part-time.) 

Amanda writes her blog about life at the Estes's which now includes sweet baby Mallory :-)  We are really hoping that Mallory and Karlyn become BFF's!  I love reading Amanda's blog because you never know what she will write about and it's always an enjoyable and fun read :>  I got to follow her journey through pregnancy and now get to watch her grow as a mom...right along with myself!  We are learning at the same time and trying to figure this thing out.

Brian and Amanda have also celebrated the past several New Year's Eve's with us and it is a tradition that I hope we can keep up over the years!  We always make sure to have sparkling punch, hats, and noise makers, but with the kiddos now, the chances of us making it to midnight are slim to none.

We love you guys!

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Amanda Estes said...

We Love You Too! Thanks for the blog shout out! I love ringing in the New Year with yall and I can't wait for Mallory & Karlyn to grow up together! BFF's for sure! Thanks for all of your motherly advice too - it helps me so much!