Lake Days

Our family headed to Ryan's grandparent's lake house for the 4th of July weekend.  We had a good time and it was nice just to get away and have some new scenery for a change.  This was Karlyn's first out of town trip and the first time the pack 'n' play was loaded up!  She did really great and absolutely loved having so many people *and dogs* to entertain her.  For the record, we had 6 dogs there.

I got to ski two days and got up the first try both times!  I almost didn't try because it had been two years since I'd skied...last summer I was preggo and the summer before that was the first time I'd ever done it.  The summer before THAT I tried a couple times and gave up.  I guess it is a little like riding a bike :-)

We ate some good food and enjoyed each other's company and slept in a little.  Ryan took one for the team and took Karlyn outside each morning when she woke up early, after I fed her, so she wouldn't wake everyone else up.  They had some quality daddy/daughter time.  Here' s a few pics from our long holiday weekend~

[caption id="attachment_2378" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="He's single ladies ;)"][/caption]



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Karen said...

Her little bathing suit is adorable! And thanks for not putting her in a baby bikini...I have mixed emotions about babies in bikinis. Glad you guys got a weekend away...maybe your next weekend away can be for just you and the hubby ;>).