Dr. H

I'm so weird.

We just got back from seeing Dr. H.  The doctor who for 8ish months saw me regularly and told I could indeed do this.  The doctor who scared me when on our first visit told us bluntly about the possibility of miscarriage.  The doctor who I grew to love and sooo looked forward to seeing as we got updates on our baby.  The doctor who told us to get ready for an explosion of pink after we found out it was a girl.  The doctor who saw me postpartum not for a regularly scheduled appointment, but to just talk and make sure I wasn't going to go off the deep end and lose it in the midst of new mommy-ness.  The doctor who handed me my precious daughter as she came into the world on December 16th.  The doctor who I now secretlywish I could be BFF's with and go get coffee together and chat about mom things.  And non-mom things. 

What can I say?  I just kinda got attached after all those months.  This was my first child after all, a pretty monumental event.  Today I just saw her for an annual visit.  I remember going back when Karlyn was 8 weeks thinking, June is forever away!  And now here it is.

*Side note.  I'm not a fan of June.  Or July.  Or August.  My goal is simply to make it through, spending as little time outdoors as possible.

I told her I missed her.  She asked how I was doing and was I getting to have some time for myself these days...I said oh yeah, some.  But we're busy.  She said she was doing the same thing...aren't we all.

She asked if we were thinking about having another any time soon.  No, not really.  What does that mean?  ha.

I get all sentimental driving to and from Baylor.  The visit was over just like that and here I am with my 5 1/2 month old.  Where the heck has the time gone?

The staff oohed and ahhed (sp?) over Karlyn and her blue eyes and white sandals.  I guess I won't be back for another year...unless...

It's not that I'm ready for another baby.  It's not.  I think I just miss all of it.  It makes me nostalgic.  The new excitement and a thousand questions and concerns, the anticipation for each appointment and the oh so fun sonograms.  It's scary how fast it comes and goes.

Anyyyyhoo!  Here' s Karlyn waiting to go in :-)

And I'll end my sentimental gushing. :)

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Karen said...

Oh Kati!
I think you're just like your family. I imagine your mom had the same feelings and that's why you had so many siblings. I don't think you're weird, I think God's purpose for you is to be a mom, and a dang good one.
BTW...I'm writing this from the hospital. 7 cm, but he hasn't dropped very much. After two days of "labor" I might still have to have a c section.