6 Months

Karlyn Kaye Ivey.  You are 6 months old today baby girl!!!

I have no idea how that is even possible.  All I know is it makes me kinda sad, kinda happy (that we've made it this far) and kinda excited/terrified of what's to come.

Here's what your up to...in random order.

You can sit up!  For a minute...until you topple over and face plant to the side.  But you're getting pretty good at it.  You're not really close to crawling; you prefer to roll.  I set out a blanket covered with toys and you roll.  And roll.  Further and further away from your toys.  And then you get upset :>

You can eat!  *That's nothing new*  But now you eat some real food.  You've had: pumpkin, avacado, banana, acorn squash, applesauce, peaches, and oatmeal cereal.  You like pretty much everything and are a great sport when it comes to trying new things.  Even watermelon!

You're in a size 3 diaper.  Um, we didn't even get to use up all the 2's I bought.  Woops.  You also have moved into size 9 months pajamas.  They're only slightly big and so stinkin cute.  I was squeezing you into your 3-6 month pairs and it just wasn't pretty.

You let other people hold you and smile at anyone.  We haven't been paged to the nursery in a few weeks at church and going to spend the afternoon with Nona is one of your favorite things!

You're sleeping through the night again.  Yay!  Every now and then you still sneak into our bed too...not much though.

You can put all your weight on your legs and support yourself (with me or daddy holding your arms of course)

You've gone "swimming" a couple times!  Swimming meaning you've worn your swimsuit,
peed on the couch, and then hung out in your pink baby pool.

You like to grab Dodger's hair now when he comes close and sometimes this annoys him.  You really like to grab just about anything these days...toys, paper, mommy's hair or earring.  Ouch.

Karlyn, you are growing up into such a sweet little girl and every single day with you is something new.  I think my favorite times with you are still first thing in the morning and then right before bed at night.  Followed up by when I get to pick you up after work.  And who could forget nap time... ;)

You make my heart melt and I don't want you to start 1st grade one day, or be old enough to go spend the night away, or decide that I'm not the coolest person in the entire world.  You are your daddy and I's pride and joy and we can't imagine life without you.  We thank God that He blessed us with the gift of YOU.  WE LOVE YOU!

Happy 6 Months sweet heart !  I enjoyed out little back yard pool party today :>

UM, MAJOR P.S. HERE.  How could I forget?!  You have a tooth!!!  It's just poking through...on the bottom, in the middle but I can feel it and see it and it's too cool.  Stop growing!


Becky said...

Awww! I know exactly how you feel. It is such a happy thing, yet so bittersweet to watch them grow and pass the milestones that - it seems just yesterday - felt so far off. Seems like we were just pregnant. Happy Six Months, Karlyn!

Shannon said...

It's SO hard to believe it's been 6 months already!!! I LOVE that first picture of her, she wears red well!!

Hattie said...

I think it's so great that you are putting all of this into words. I really wish I could go back and record every milestone, every emotion, every moment for Emmett. It's all so very special and goes by so fast. I loved reading this. Thanks for sharing!


Kevin Fields said...


This is your father's first blog comment ever!! Are you proud of me? Kaleb and Karoline are walking me through this. Love the pictures! I think Karlyn may be the smartest and cutest baby ever; she is special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy Fields

Karen said...

shes looking more like you every day!

Jess said...

She is so adorable!