This is weird.  I'm working.  In the quiet.  The peaceful, calm, serene quiet.  With Jesse McCartney as my soundtrack.  Don't judge.

Sooo...I still don't really know what's wrong with me.  I follow up with another doctor (who delivered Karlyn) next Thursday.  We'll see.

Ryan, Karlyn, and I ran errands this morning.  It was fun!  And we never do that on Saturday mornings.  We had breakfast at Chic-fil-a, bought Karlyn a plastic kiddie swimming pool at Wal-Mart, bought Ryan a swimsuit at Target, and then got the oil changed in his truck.  The pools at Wal-Mart were all stacked up together and of course I made Ryan dig for the pink one.  OF COURSE.  :-)

I'm not sure what's on the agenda for tonight.  A movie actually sounds really nice.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who's entered the giveaway!  So fun!  Now here's the deal.  7 people have entered.  And I really want to give away not 1, but 2 prizes.  So...

Tell your friends.  Tell your family.  And then tell them to enter :-)

If at least 5 more people enter, I will give away a 2nd prize!

The 2nd prize will include:

  1. 1 Cinch vanilla shake mix packet

  2. 1 Cinch peanut butter chocolate chip meal-in-a-bar

  3. 1 Cinch snack bar - peanut butter OR chocolate decadence - your choice

  4. 2 Cinch pomegranate energy tea mix packets

  5. 2 citrus energy chews

Sound good?  Ok then.  HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND :>

*Also, if you "Liked" my Shaklee facebook page or publicized the giveaway (and didn't leave a comment), leave a comment telling me you did one of the others!  You'll then be entered.  :-)


kandace said...

I liked it and I think I publicized it! ???

katiivey said...

Gracias my dear!!!