If I've said it once, I've said it a million times.  I. love. my. chiropractor.

My neck and upper trap area - on BOTH sides- has been killing me.  So much so that I couldn't sleep the other night and tried to wrangle the heating pad on top of my pillow to find some relief.  I ran out of Advil and didn't feel like making a trip up to Walgreens last night so I decided to take 2 zombie pills Tylenol PM.  Mistake.  I did sleep hard and it helped the pain but it always makes me feel so drugged the next day.

I decided a trip to see Dr. T was in order.  Since my work hours dropped to part time, I no longer had insurance benefits, so Ryan added me to his plan, as well as Karlyn.  I decided it was worth a short to call and see if the new insurance covered chiropractic care any more than my old plan.  My lucky day: it did!  It was $7 less per visit than what I'd been paying BUT I not only could get an adjustment, but take advantage of other therapies they offer as well.  That meant today that I got to warm up with e-stim (those little sticky pads they put on your back that kind-of buzz) and a heating pad, lay on the roller bed, and THEN get my adjustment.  Oh man, it all felt so good.  Now I think all the pain is from lifting little miss chubsy.  That girl is not light; neither is her car seat.  Everything I do, from carrying her to feeding her, I'm bending/slumping over sorta.  I know I need to be stretching more and also doing back exercises in the gym, which I do. 

Have any other moms experienced this upper back/neck pain from carrying around your baby?

I was grateful to have scored an appointment today.  And even more grateful for butter.  Let me explain.

I wanted to make these again.  But I didn't think I had enough butter.  The recipe calls for a stick and a half and I only had 1/3 of that.  So I thought.  I had everything else I needed.  Why didn't I have butter?!  Could I throw back to the good ol days and hit up my neighbors to "borrow" a stick?  Probably not.  "Um hi, you don't know me or my large and in charge 4 month old, but we were wondering if you had any extra butter."

Alas.  Smart Balance to the Rescue!!!

Wouldn't you know it, the good Lord was shining down on me.  I had exactly pretty darn close the amount of Smart Balance I needed to add to my 1/2 a stick!  Who cares if it wasn't real butter?  These brownies are so ridiculously yum that it was worth the chance.  I just took them out of the oven.  My daughter is snoozing in her crib.  My neck is now alligned. 



Kelley said...

Glad you are feeling better! <3

Jenny said...

Good to know you are feeling better and omg those brownies look so delicious :D

Rachael Weeks said...

Yes, I have neck/back pain from lifting, carrying, and BENDING OVER TO CHANGE DIAPERS! Even though I put Meagan on the changing table, I still have to lean over a little to change her and I can really feel it. I need to fine a chiropractor. I've gone once before, several years ago, and LOVE the e-stim and roller bed...almost more than I loved the actual adjustment!