Easter, Stats, and my Hospital Bag

Random enough for you?

We enjoyed a busy crazy but lovely Easter weekend with both sides of our families.  And LOTS of good food.  Yeah, so "Meatless in April" has turned into "Mostly meatless."  Or "half meatless."  I've been eating meat.  It was Easter.  We had green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole to. die. for., ham, rolls, my grandmother's chocolate marshmallow cake, chocolate ruffle...I could go on.  It was all good.  And I did not hold back. :>

We also took lots of pictures of everyone holdinng Karlyn family pictures:

[caption id="attachment_2206" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="My mom"][/caption]

My dad with the chubster
It's always nice having all SEVEN of my siblings in one place together.  Even if I didn't get to join in the big family wiffle ball game this year.  Like they even let the girls play anyways...


I stayed inside and enjoyed some girl time.


On Sunday we went to church and then spent time with Ryan's family.  But not before miss thing made her Easter debut :>

This dress/outfit is special to me because I actually picked it out.  We've been so blessed thus far to have pretty much all of Karlyn's clothes given to us!  I never really bought her much.  But I bought this and thought it was perfect.  My little sweetie.

And a family pic.  The sun was in our eyes but I love this.

We also had to have some fun cousin and Nona pics~

I'm so thankful to have a pastor who preaches the truth and who talked about what Easter DOES and DOESN'T mean.  It does mean that because Jesus was resurrected, we have hope and life!  If we believe in Him, invite Him into our lives, accept Him as our Savior and as the only means to eternal life, and have a changed *not perfect* life going forward, then we have eternal life with Him.  What a gift and sacrifice.  Having a child of my own now completely changes my perspective on the fact that Christ offered up His one and only son for us.

Alright.  Some stats for you.  Karlyn had her 4 month check-up today!  We saw the nurse practicioner because her pediatrician is actually out on maternity leave. 4/26/11~

Karlyn weighs 16 lbs, 2.5 ounces and is 25 1/4 inches long!  Wowee!  That puts her in the 90th and 75 percentiles.  I'm not hung up on those really, but I guess it's kinda cool.  I got to ask the nurse several questions I had about solids, teething, etc.  Karlyn was fairly happy and did great at the visit!

Lastly.  I've been wanting to put this list together.  Mainly, for you my dear :)

Amanda is having sweet Mallory at Baylor where I had Karlyn and I thought she might like to know what I took and did or didn't find helpful at the hospital.  **I still have this list on my iPhone and I just can't seem to delete it.  I'm ridiculous.**

1. Ipod - took it. used it. loved it!  This was great to have while pacing the halls and riding out contractions.  Didn't need speakers...you can plug your ipod into theirs in the room.

2. Shampoo/Conditioner - bring your own.  You'll be glad you did, along with other toiletries: toothbrush, deodorant, body spray, make-up.  That first shower will. be. glorious.

3. Houseshoes/tennis shoes/socks - Didn't use my tennis shoes.  It was much easier to slip the houseshoes on and off and I didn't find it uncomfortable to walk the halls in them.  Um, you have other "uncomfortableness" on your mind.

4. Baby book/pens - Didn't write in this till I got home.  Take it or leave it.

5. Camera/cell phone/charger - A must.  I loved taking iPhone pics and uploading them to facebook!

6. Lap-top/charger/camera cord - Ryan enjoyed having the computer.  I think I maybe used it once.

7. Baby blanket - Yes, take one for the ride home.  They'll swaddle your little bundle of joy in the hospital blankets though.

8. Baby nail clippers - Skip it.  That's the last thing on your mind. :>

9. Going home outfit - me and baby - Yes, definitely.  Also bring a baby outfit for when the hospital photographer comes around.  The pics are expensive but we bought a smallish package.  For you?  I stayed in my hospital gown and my black robe and stretchy pants.  It was a maternity pj set.  Bring a light robe and some pants, preferably in a dark color.  Real clothes?  I didn't wear those till I went home.  Maternity still :> 

10. Diaper Bag - Fo sho. 

11. Purse/lip balm - Didn't use the lip balm but probably bring some just in case.  You'll have your purse I'm sure!

12. Pillows with dark cases - I loved having my own pillows.  It just helped and was nice to not sleep on that first night.  Don't stress over the case color.

13. Cash/change - Don't think we needed change but did need cash for parking.  You may want some for the vending machine.  For Brian!  You can't eat :)

14. Snacks/lifesavers - See above :> We did bring Ryan some food and he was glad to have it.  I didn't love watching him eat it but I was NOT about to have him trotting off to the cafeteria while I was hurting!  They'll give you juice and water I believe.  The slightly frozen slushy orange drink was the best!

15. Blow dryer/flat iron - Yes.  You'll want to half-way do your hair. 

I hope that was helpful!  And that was one looong post.  It's bath time now.  Adios!


Amanda Estes said...

Going to get this started soon just in case - you never know! Thank you for all of the helpful information - I truly appreciate it! And I loved your little girl's Easter dress - so beautiful!!

Lindsey said...

They didn't let you eat? Fairbanks Memorial Hospital let me eat when I wanted to. Also, I wore my own clothes the whole time. I wore the hospital gown for like a half hour or so, till MaryBeth came in. She delivered Eleina. She told me I could have my own clothes on and changed immediately. That was nice, for me. And, I, too, wore only slippers. Didn't like the whole regular shoes thing. Wanted to get as comfy as possible. :)

Jenny said...

Aww I love all the pics of Karlyn, she looks adorable :D