4 Months!

[caption id="attachment_2189" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="My big girl!"][/caption]

Karlyn, you are 4 months old today!!

I cannot believe you are getting so big.  And so fun!  Every day is something new it seems.

Your biggest achievement as of late is rolling over from your back to your stomach.  I think you did it for daddy today in about 2 seconds flat!  Those chubby thighs give you some momentum I guess :>

What else are you up to?  You're still making your jungle animal sounds and you did it at the showers today where everyone got a kick out of hearing you.  You love to smile at people and not just mommy and daddy.  You're sleeping in your crib at night and most nights sleep all the way through.  You're still semi-teething though...or something.  Basically, you're drooling A TON and are a big fan of chewing on those fingers.  So I think on some nights maybe that's waking you up.  Who knows.  The drooling is kinda funny and I'll take it over spit up.  You rarely spit up!

You also make the FUNNIEST faces.  It cracks us up!

You can now sit up in your Bumbo seat and we've also set you in your bouncy jumper thing a couple times!  You don't really get that yet but you still look cute in it.  You like to chew on the sides.  Shocker.

[caption id="attachment_2186" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Love those legs!"][/caption]

You still pump and kick your legs when you're a. excited or b. kinda ticked off.  It's funny.  Your eyes get all lit up when you're excited too and you look like you want to jump out of your skin :-)

You're wearing size 1-2 diapers but will be in 2's in no time.  You're also wearing size 3-6 month clothes but those 3 month outfits are barely hangin on!  You need some more headbands and bigger bows now; the smaller ones look too little on your sweet head.

You're beginning to noticed Dodger just a tiny bit but you really don't interact with him yet.  I know daddy is excited for you two to play together.  I'm still trying to like Dodge again. . .

You eat 5 times a day and are beginning to get a little distracted while eating.  I've heard this only gets worse!  Yay :)

Mommy and daddy love you soooo much!  Thanks for being you.


Jenny said...

Time flies by so fast! She is adorable :) Love the little hats, so cute :D

Karoline said...

Her expressions crack me up! I cannot wait until she can talk haha:)