Adventures at the gym

Yesterday I posted this on facebook:

"Whenever I have a free moment now, I feel paralyzed. OK, of the 57 things I need to do, which should I do first?! The thought makes me tired, so then I just nap."

haha.  It's true though!  It really really is.  My aunt suggested making a list.  I've done that some and it does help.  Several people agreed with me though.  Do you ever feel like that?  Like there just wayyy too many things on your plate and your head starts spinning when you try to decide what takes priority.

I took Karlyn up to the gym yesterday.  I wasn't sure how she'd act since I knew she was tired and hasn't been sleeping or napping well.  What she has been doing well?  Drooling, fist chewing, and ROLLING OVER!  Yep, yesterday was a big day at the Ivey house.  My daughter completed her first back-to-tummy roll over, and then did it again!  It caught me by surprise.  I was just walking through the living room and looked down and saw her on her stomach.  I started shouting and celebrating and grabbed my phone to capture the moment. :-)  But back to the gym.  I was standing in line behind this woman, waiting to scan my membership bar code thingy.  Well the woman scanned hers, then kinda tripped a little, almost falling backwards onto Karlyn's car seat on the ground.  I instinctively bent down to protect her and make sure she was ok. 

You would think the woman would have said something like:

"Oh, excuse me!"  OR  "I'm sorry!"  OR  "Is your baby alright?!"

But no.  She gave me this weird look and said, "That's not good."  What the heck?!  What does that mean?  You could have crushed my child!  I'm sorry her seat was in your way but yeah, how bout a little common courtesy folks?

The gym fun didn't end there either.  I got up on the treadmill and 16 minutes into my walk, heard:

"Attention parents, Kati Ivey to the kids club."  Uh oh.  She was crying her little head off but then once the girl handed her to me, was just fine.  Hmpf.  I didn't get my 30 minute WAT in but oh well.  We'll try again today.  Maybe not at the gym, until I know she's feeling better.

I made some sweet potato mini muffins from this site.  They turned out pretty good!  Not super sweet so good for kiddos.  I can't wait to make more of her recipes when Karlyn is a bit older.  Even Ryan liked these.

I want to feed this little munchkin the best that I can!


MOM said...

go ahead and feed her healthy, but when she's at grandmothers it's gonna be ice cream and hot dogs.

katiivey said...

Ice cream, yes. Hot dogs, no. :-)

Jenny said...

Aww sorry you didn't get to put in a good workout. Hopefully tomorrow will be better :( Those sweet tatter mini muffins look delicious. I'd prob eat like 5 without even knowing it

katiivey said...

Jenny, um yeah. It's too easy to eat about 5 quickly! :>

Shannon said...

Oh, yay! I was hoping you would post the recipe to these. I want to make them soon.

katiivey said...

Shannon, I might add a little more sugar than the recipe calls for...