I thought I would join in the fun :-) 


This stuff is so. good.  It was on clearance at Target!  My home away from home...


I used this stuff for the first time today.  It smells good and it allowed me to go an extra day between shampooing!  I'll be using this again...Sorry the pic is so tiny!  It's Suave waterless shampoo.


I love being back at the gym!  I've gone to workout the past 4 days in a row and the last 2 days, I've taken Karlyn to the kids area.  She's done great! 


Ryan and I watched the Season Finale and I'm not lying when I said I got a little choked up at this part.  Sheesh.  I was so happy for them!  Then Ryan told me the next morning that they had split up (temporarily?),  she didn't want to move to Austin, and he had a temper.  I haven't watched the after show yet but I have it taped.


Since Karlyn got past whatever little spurt she was going through, I've gotten more sleep.  Last night she went from 9:30 to 7:30 this morning!  Thank you my dear.


Speaking of the K-ster, she turns 3 MONTHS OLD TODAY!  She is such a sweet-heart and I love her to death.  3 month update to follow...

What are you loving these days?

As I promised on FB, I still have my Kohls story coming...and...

I have an exciting little opportunity next Wednesday that is kinda cool.  I'll share when I can!


Jess said...

Like your new header!

Jenny said...

I love cinnamon raisin pb, I think it's my favorite :) And how exciting to be back at the gym, you must feel great! :D