First week back

Thank you for your kind comments on my last post.

I promise I'm not just digging for sympathy.  I just have ups and downs.  Don't we all.  I use this blog sometimes as a way to vent and let out some frustrations and sometimes getting my thoughts down on paper helps.  We'll call this paper.

This week has been good overall and not as rough of an adjustment as it could have been.  I didn't even cry at work!  It will take some getting used to though.  The first couple of days I had a little headache, I think from a combination of being tired and staring at a computer screen for several hours straight.  Um, and maybe from having to think?  ha.  Each day got a little better though and today I didn't have the headache nor did I feel like falling into a 2 hour nap the minute I got home.  I actually tried to nap...but couldn't.  Karlyn has been sleeping pretty well for us at night, going to bed around 9:30 and waking up around 6:00ish.  I'll take it!  Let me just say though that I am NOT looking forward to "springing forward" here in a few days.  Ugh.  With a 3 month old?  Really?  Can I just skip that this year?

It is challenging to switch modes at noon each day from working me to mommy me.  But I'll get better at it.  I hope to use some of my afternoon or evening each day to blog but I can't guarantee it.  I know I had these grand illusions before I went back about how much I would be able to accomplish with all this free time!  Yeah right.  :)  I told Ryan that by the time I pick up the house, think about and start dinner, and of course take care of K, there's not much time left.  And squeezing in a workout?  If I'm lucky.  I need to make that a priority but it's hard some days.

I never posted pics of the finished nursery so here ya go.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

I hope you all have a good, relaxing weekend!  I have 2 things to leave you with!  First, I want to know:

* What is your ideal dream job?  I'm talking anything...if you had your pick, what would you do?  No limits!  I'll get back to you on mine.

**I'm hoping to host another blog giveaway soon!  After my brownie baking last night, I was inspired.  Stay tuned.


Jenny said...

Omg the nursery looks beautiful!!! If I had a dream job I'd be a movie critic haha :D

Jess said...

Good that each day gets better, good luck with this week! The nursery looks beautiful!

Rachael Weeks said...

Hi Kati! I'm getting caught up on reading your blogs. Didn't realize you had posted so much, since the last one I read! Your nursery looks great! I hate that we're having to use our loft as the new nursery, but we're just running out of room. We'll have to move before we think of having #3!

I actually have my dream job of being a stay at home mom. It's really the only job I ever wanted! I will probably work again though, part time, once all the kids are in school...maybe!