Grab a Snickers

Babies don't sleep in on Saturdays.  Just in case you were wondering.  Or thinking about having one.  :)

That's ok though.  I needed to be up before 6:00 anyways...


So you've seen the Snicker's commercials that say, "You're not you when you're hungry."

Last night I wasn't me.  And I WAS HUNGRY.  I buckled up Karlyn, picked up Ryan's mom, and we headed out to the mall to exchange some clothes at Express and grab dinner.  It was supposed to be a fun outing!  But I kinda ruined it.  First I got a little bummed out trying on clothes at Express, even though really, I don't shop there for me.  Nothing fits the right way post baby.

Then we decided to eat.  Of course everyone and their dog (yes Kollin, there were actual dogs at the restaurant) was waiting to eat dinner at 8:00 on a Friday night so we ended up waiting 30 minutes for our table and what seemed like the same amount of time for our food!  Argh.  I was hungry!  And I sooo get crabby if I get too hungry.  I had already decided I was getting an appetizer, something we never do.  I got the edamame and pretty much scarfed it down.  Finally our food came and I went to work on that as well: a personal fave of mine - "Chicken ceasar pasta salad!"

So how did I ruin the evening?  I kinda whined.  And complained.  And worried that Karlyn was going to get hungry and wouldn't be good through dinner... I'm sorry :/  I don't know why I got so worked up.  I have a tendency to stress out over silly things and if I'm tired and or hungry, yeah, it could get ugly.  So I apologize to my husband and sweet mother in law for making big deals out of nothing.  But I still don't like waiting for food. :>

Ok, I need your opinions.  My mother in law and I found this adorable coat at Express.  And now I kinda want it.  She picked it up and I thought, oh man that's cute!  Then I looked at the price tag and practical me thought, now where would I wear that coat, for that price, with possible baby spit up all over it.?  But I woke up this morning and thought about the coat.  And may have looked it up online.  And it just so happens to be on sale!  And I may have a birthday coming up.

Here it is.

What do you think?  Cute, huh?!!  What color do you like?  I really wish I would have tried it on in the store now to see how it fit.  I may have to go back.  But I'm definitely bringing a snack.  ;-)


Kate said...

Kati, I LOVE the coat!!! Express is one of my favorite stores. I actually still have a Christmas gift card there because I found out that I was pregnant and then decided to save it until I was back to a post baby body (you know, in a like a YEAR). Plus, you can stain treat the coat so it doesn't show spit up :)

Heather said...

YES YES YES on the coat! Oh my gosh, you have to get it. :) And the practical side of me says to get it in black. :) Although I love the pink, too. Decisions, decisions!

And we ARE soul sisters! I am the exact same way when I'm tired and/or hungry, and once I rest and/or eat, I regret how foolish I acted. Ugh.

And don't worry, things WILL fit you more like normal again. Maybe not exactly (and you might have some more curves, lol), but I was so glad to find out that I could eventually still wear my pre-baby clothes again. Now let's hope that's the case this time around. :)

Enjoy your Saturday!

Jenny said...

That coat is adorable!! I love it :D

katiivey said...

Thanks Kate! I think I'm going to get it... I couldn't stop thinking about it! ha ha. I've never stain treated anything...what do you use?

katiivey said...

Me too!! I just went back to try it on :)

katiivey said...

Heather, I know...practicality always gets in the way :) I think I've decided what color I want!