2 Months!

A little late but...

Karlyn, you are 2 months old now!

Time is just ticking away.  Every single day you look older and bigger and wiser.  Uh, scratch that last one.

I finally got your room done this week.  We didn't have anything hung on the walls yet and going back to work in one week gave me the motivation I needed to get busy!  I'm so happy with how it looks!  It's not incredibly fancy but I think it's super cute and I tried to make the most of our small-ish space.  I love sitting in there now with you in the glider.  Last night I read you 3 books and you just sat there and acted interested :)  You even made some sounds like you were trying to read or talk.  You're going to be a reader just like your mommy!

Last week we had your two month check-up and here are your stats:

12 lbs, 2 1/2 ounces, 23 1/2 inches, and your head is 38 cm.  You are in the 90th percentile for you weight and height (oh yeah!) and in the 25th percentile for your head.  The doctor said you are a perfectly healthy little girl and that despite what daddy thought, we don't need to feed you less ;>

Here is your daily "routine" right now~

You wake up anywhere from 6:00 to 7:00 ready to eat!  I love picking you up in the morning after not having seen you for a while; I missed you :)  You look so sweet in your little pajamas and are very content and happy after eating.  For some reason, you almost always get excited when we put you on your changing table, but especially if you've just eaten.  You kick your legs in and out and wave your arms and now, YOU'RE SMILING!  We smile at you and talk to you and you smile back!  It's so. adorable.  You're still a good eater (obviously) which makes momma very happy.

After breakfast, you take a good solid nap in your swing for maybe 2 hours.  I love using that time to eat breakfast myself, get on the computer, or take a shower :)  Of course that's about to change when I'm off to work!

You follow a fairly predictable pattern during the day of feeding, wake time, and nap time (Babywise anyone?) and you seem to love it.  I love knowing what's next and you take great naps!  You spend "wake time" laying on your back or tummy on a blanket in the living room, sitting in your pink bouncy seat, laying in your bed under the mobile, or sitting with me somewhere.  Then whenever you get sleepy, you take a nap in your swing and yesterday, in your crib!  It was a short one but still.  I know I need to get you used to your bed so we're going to start working on that.

In the afternoons, you run errands with me to Wal-Mart, Target, or we go visit people at work
or at Yogurtland. :-)

I always get you dressed for the day after your morning nap and sometimes we get to go through multiple
diaper changes outfits like yesterday.  You have so many cute clothes and I can't wait to dress you in all your Spring and Summer stuff!  Maybe some sandals??

Somewhere around 5:00 you start to get a little fussy/clingy; you just want to be held.  But unfortunately, I have to get dinner ready.  I let you cry a little bit or see if you will like watching me in the kitchen while I get things done.  You've had this pattern of crying more at night since early on and we're used to it.  It's not a big deal anymore though (usually) and I think it also helps you get tired so you'll sleep.  You sat with me and read last night like I wrote above and I think we may do that again - you calmed down :>

I finally started a bathtime routine for you.  Your grandmother Susan kept telling me to and I kept putting it off.  Now I love it and it's one my favorite times with you!  Around 8:30-9:00, after you've been chillin with dad for a while, I give you your bath.  You still lay in the newborn insert for the tub but you are quickly outgrowing it.  Your legs hang over the side and you love to do your leg kicks and hear the thump it makes on the end of the tub.  I pour the warm water over you...over...and over...and you could just lay there forever.  ha.  Eventually I suds you up with the lavender sleep baby soap and then rinse you off.  You go right into one of your cute hooded towels and we go tell daddy goodnight and get a kiss.  You get more lavender scent with the bedtime lotion, slip into you pj's, and get one last meal.  I turn the light off in your room and have the lamp on during all of this and we play your Jewel lullaby cd.  I think this routine has helped because you are definitely sleeping better and longer stretches!  When you finish eating, I swaddle you and lay you in your rock 'n' play and kiss you goodnight.  On a good night, you'll go right to sleep, if you aren't already, and we won't hear from you till 6:00 or 7:00!  If it's like last night though, you'll fuss for a few minutes before you fall asleep and then decide that we need to hear from you around 3:00 am as well.  We give you your pacifier a few times or put you in the swing, and you'll usually make it till morning.  You've dropped that middle of the night feeding though (knock on wood) which I greatly appreciate. :)

And then we start the whole thing over again!


Ok, what else.?  You hate tummy time these days but the doctor said you need to try for a few minutes a couple of times a day.  I need to not be such a softie, and make you.  You recognize mommy and daddy and smile when we smile at you.  You can follow me across the room with your eyes as I try to sneak past while you nap.  I think you know when we're going somewhere because you seem to secretly enjoy being buckled into your carseat.  You'll let pretty much anyone hold you and YOU LOVE TO BE HELD.  You still love to look up, especially at lights, but just up in general.  It's funny.  Your eyelashes are getting longer and I just think they are so pretty.  I'm pretty sure you still have no idea who the dog is.  You have majorly long yawns.

Karlyn, we love you so much!  I am a little sad that next week begins a new phase for us where I won't see you all day.  It will only be a few short hours though that we're apart but I hope it will work out nicely for all of us.  I KNOW I will miss you and will probably look at your picture on my desk and tear up at first.  I will be so excited to see you when I get home though!

You are growing into such a cute little lady and we can't get enough of you.  Happy 2 months!!!!!

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Jenny said...

Awww how adorable!! Happy 2 months :)

Grandmother said...

Kati and Ryan, you are doing a great job!! She is so blessed. Praying eveything goes smoothly next week as you return to work. Let me know next time you need to get away" babyless" and I'll be glad to sacrifice.
Kiss my pumpkin.

Rachael Weeks said...

Such a great post, Kati! I will be thinking about and praying for you next week as you return to work. And I'm SO GOING TO TRY the bathtime/bedtime routine with Meagan. This is something we never did with Makayla, and she still won't go to sleep without being rocked (or one of us laying beside her in her bed)! :/ At least she's sleeping for longer periods at a time at night though. I'm still praying that she will surprise me and not wake up at all until it's daylight! :-) You are such a great mommy and Karlyn is so blessed to have you!!!

Jess@atasteofconfidence said...

Happy 2 months to your daughter! She is adorable.

Amanda Estes said...

Love this little girl!!!