Way Behind

I am way behind on the blogging!

Life has just been busy though!  I've been blogging in my head though and have several posts planned...it's just a  matter of when I will get to them.  Here are the highlights and I'll fill in with pictures later!

*Ryan and I had our 1st baby-less date and went out for a Valentine's lunch!  My parents were kind enough to keep the kiddo - you know they hated every minute ;>

*On Monday, (V-Day) I took Karlyn to Chic-fil-a where my mom works and also to my dad's school.  They had both been wanting to show her off and they finally got the chance.  It was a long day for my little chubby cherub (who by the way looked incredibly cute in her red tutu) as she was passed from person to person and held all day, but she endured.  That night I made quesadillas, Ryan and I watched our show, and we shared the remains of a Haagen Daaz pint of vanilla.  So romantic.  K even slept in her swing so we could enjoy the quiet.  Ryan ordered me some flowers that never got delivered :( and a sweet card and I got him a "You might be a redneck (he's not) if" desk calendar and a framed picture of him and Karlyn.

*Karlyn turned 2 months old!  And we had our 2 month appt with the pediatrician.  She is a happy, healthy, and HEARTY little girl and is now weighing in at 12 lbs, 2.5 ounces!  I'll post soon about what all my little big girl is up to.

*In addition to visiting my parents this week, I also had lunch with: my friend Lindy, my mother-in-law (after we visited her work), and my friend Erica!  Well, Erica and I actually had yogurt and it was so good.  Yogurtland anyone?  I only wish it was closer.  Then I'd really be in trouble.

*I was trying to fit my visits in this week because...

*I only have 1 week left of maternity leave! :/  Craziness.  It's gone by fast.  Sort-of.  I start back to work on March 1st but (THANK YOU LORD!) I'm going back part-time!!!  I'm so excited and truly feel that the Lord is in this change.  20 hours a week will give our family some added income, some time around adults for me :>, a chance to use my brain! ha ha...I'm half-way kidding...being a mom requires plenty of brain power!, and last but not least will give me lots of time with my sweet baby.

*So...I plan to use this next week to get ready and organized to go back to work.  I'm excited about it but I know I'll probably be a tiny bit sad too at first.  I'm hoping it's a smooth transition for both me and Karlyn and that I enjoy being at work.

So that's what's been going on with the Ivey's!  I did manage to get a few things done around the house this week in-between my lunch dates. 

~Birth announcements went out!  (I'm sorry if you didn't get one and were expecting to.  We didn't order a lot :/)

~I cleaned our master bath tub.  G.r.o.s.s.  This had been on my list way too long.

~My car also got cleaned!  Inside and out...it was probably the worst it's ever been.

~I bought a certain someone some cards and gifts!  Coming up we have:

1) Ryan's birthday - TOMORROW!

2) Our anniversary - March 10th - 4 years for us!

3) My birthday :--)  March 20th!

I'm hoping to get Karlyn's 2 month post up sometime this weekend!  Happy Friday folks.


Jenny said...

How busy! Hope Ryan has a fabulous birthday!! :D

Jess said...

Sounds like you are doing well!! Good luck with going back to work:)