Fun Times

Fun times were had today with this cutie.  She's 6 weeks old today!

[caption id="attachment_1651" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Ready to hit the road. Uh...finally!"][/caption]

We headed out to meet our friends Rebekah and Spencer at Panera!  But she was not going to make it easy on me.  I kid you not, I changed this childs diaper 3 times in about 7 minutes.  I fed her, got her dressed in an outfit that's too big but I wanted her to wear anyways, because I'm impatient and she's running out of newborn outfits changed her diaper, snapped some pictures, and put her in her carseat. 


Got her out, changed her, put a bow on, took a couple more pics, and put her back in the carseat.


 Got her out, changed her AGAIN, took yet a few more pics (I'm not a good photographer!) and put her BACK IN THE CAR SEAT. 

It was time to go.  And by this time, she was falling asleep.  Well I would be too at this point.  But I'm the mother.  I can't just fall asleep when the fancy strikes me or every time I finish eating.

I had a great time catching up with Rebekah and I ate a really great ceasar salad and half a turkey and cheese panini.  I was eyeing the desserts in line but I didn't get one.  Next time.  I almost let the whole diaper fiasco and a comment my better half made annoy me to the point of not being able to enjoy this fun time out of the house but luckily some girl conversation made me forget about it.  I know I can be oversensitive and need to work on that.  More times than not, my husband the person is not trying to offend me or put me down, but I will stew over something until I've let it ruin my mood and day.  Hmm.

Here are some pics from our little photo shoot:

And here we are at Panera~

I need to rest now.  My mother-in-law is coming over so I can go to the gym in about an hour.  Woo hoo!  I can get out any leftover annoyance near the weight rack :>

Do you let little things get to you?  I have a feeling motherhood is going to be very sanctifying...


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

That is a cute little outfit! Glad girl time made you feel better.

Rebekah said...

Spencer and I loved our lunch out with you girls! Looking forward to our next one soon!

MOM said...

you know your dad has never said anything to upset me. (yeah right) don't be so sensitive. kiss my pumpkin for me. she is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachael Weeks said...

Yes, I do let little things get to me. But am trying to work on not letting them get to me. I've been working on this for many years now...and am pretty sure it's something I will always be working on because a certain male someone that I live with will probably always say something that hurts my feelings, whether he means for it to or not!

Isn't changing multiple poopie diapers within a span a just a few minutes so much fun? And how in the world can they produce so much poop when they are on a liquid diet?!