Change of Plans


I woke up this morning (from a pretty good night's sleep!) planning to go visit my parents - my dad at his school and then my mom at home - but it didn't quite work out.  My parents had some stuff going on and my daughter had plans of her own.  I gave her a bath and then dressed her so. adorably. in some overalls, then it was time to eat.  She started making noises...and then...I felt the back of her overalls getting warm and wet.  Diaper explosion!  Gross.  Let's just say that Target brand diapers probably aren't gonna cut it.

I cleaned her up, got her in some clean clothes, and started some laundry.  I don't know why or how but with the addition of just one little human being, our laundry seems to have doubled.  I know it really hasn't but there are always clothes or towels to be washed now!  It may be partly because I'm at home and can SEE what needs to be done.  And there's a lot.

Since we've ended up staying home today, I just look around and see 5 million things I could do.  I have to pick the most important I guess.  And then jussst when I get started, I hear a little cry.  Or a big cry.

I got back in my pajamas.  And I checked out 2 things on Amazon.com I'd been meaning to look into. 

*Amazon Moms & Subscribe and Save*  Does anyone use these?  You save 30% (when you use both together) on baby products and more.  You can set up a delivery schedule and have items delivered straight to your door for free.  I didn't order any diapers yet because I think she may be in 1's soon and I'm waiting to see...but I ordered a big pack of Pampers wipes.  I got like 4 192 packs for $16!  Or something like that.

I AM a little sore from my mini-legs workout last night which is good.  Means I did something :>  Gonna try to fit in some yoga today and order a new class from here.  I love this site and apparently they have revamped it and added a LOT of classes recently.  You can get the 20 minutes classes for free and the longer sessions are reasonably priced too.  You can even become a member and save more I believe.  Just like everyday blogging, I know if I make an effort, I can fit in a 20 minute yoga session too.  It's so good for me.

I started thinking and worrying that every blog post I write may not be magnificent and I may not have something wonderfully inspirational to say, but at least I'm getting in the habit.  And that's a start.  I want to write...I have dreams!  So I have to start somewhere.

~How do you deal with a change in your plans??  I'm learning with a baby more than ever that I HAVE to go with the flow. 

~Do you subscribe to any savings  programs like the Amazon ones I mentioned?

If you're curious, here's my farmer girl before the damage. :)


famishedtofantastic said...

Before I had kids my anxiety would go through the roof when my plans changed. Like you are learning now I also had to learn to be more flexible. My anxiety sometimes still gets the best of me when things change but it is usually not as bad.
It is so true that things take longer when you have a little one. Right now between having a 4 year old with a mind of her own and a nursing baby I feel like everything takes 10 times longer.
I am going to go check out the Amazon Moms and Subscribe and Save. I have not heard of those and it sounds like you got a great deal.

Heather @ Get Healthy With Heather said...

More laundry?! I need to get better at doing my own quick before I start adding to our family.

She's such a cutie! I hope you can fit your 20 mins of yoga in a day, it really is great for the body. I wish I made it more of a habit.

Rachael Weeks said...

Makayla had one of those diaper explosions when she was in her bouncy seat one day, but I didn't realize it! She sat there for a while afterward too, poor thing (but wasn't fussy, she never was/is when she's poopy). When I picked her up, I felt the warm ickiness all up her back, then saw it all over her bouncy seat! Thank goodness it didn't stink since that's when I was still only nursing her. It was so disgusting though!

I've always been a planner, and like for things to go how I envision them, but plans do tend to change quite often after you have kids. One thing too, is that I always used to be on time, or early, anywhere I went. Now, I consider being on time when I'm no more than 15 minutes late!