I wish I wasn't but I am.  Not all the time, but every other day now and then. 

Saturday Ryan and I had a good day and got to visit with my parents and grandparents and go out to lunch.  Then I took a nap.  Bad decision.  Not to nap, but to take it at 4:00 pm.  Late afternoon naps always mess me up.  I couldn't sleep that night which made Sunday hellish, and not quite the Sabbath I was looking forward to. 

I so wish I was not that person who needed 8 straight hours of sleep to be sane and polite but I am and it is a struggle getting less as a new mom.  But as someone sort-of told me today, that is motherhood in all its glamour and that's just how it goes.  You sleep in spurts, when you can, and you get through the day as best as you can.  Someone also told me that I may just be feeling a lack of control.  Funny, I've heard that before.  I think I like to be in control.  And now I'm not.  Sure, I'm the mom, but that little girl is calling the shots, at least in some sense.

I really, really, really have thought about discontinuing nursing.  For a couple of reasons that I won't get into but I know that it's best.  There's nothing wrong with formula.  But since I can do it and am doing it...ah, it's a tough decision.  I've decided I'm just going to take it one week at a time.  I'll try to make it to 7 weeks, 8 weeks, etc.  No need to make a decision after one bad day right?

What else have I been doing, beside going crazy??

I'm reading this:

It's awesome.  And only a little crazy.  In turn, I'm trying to eat more of this:

Veggies~amongst the plastic bags...

Bananas, sweet potatoes, lemons, avacado...Ryan and I accidentally bought double bananas for the week. There were this many + 4 more.

Crazy sort-of taco salad for lunch.  Lots of veggies, refried beans, and some crushed tortilla chips.


Miss K and I headed to Target for some girly items.  Forget the diapers and wipes, momma wanted some new shirts.  And apparently some new shoes too.  Plus it's supposed to get cold and I figured we should get out of the house while we could.

The flats were on clearance!

When we got home we had a mini photo shoot~Here's my little lamb chop, 6.5 weeks old

Thank you to anyone who has prayed for me, encouraged me, or just thought of us in the past few days.  I couldn't need it more!  I'm on the mommy roller coaster trying to hang on for dear life.  And it's a crazy ride.


Jess said...

Hang in there!! Your baby is looking adorable!
Late afternoon naps always mess me up too...they put me in a bad mood!

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

I can sooooo relate and I promise it does get better and better.

Jenny said...

Aww it'll get better. Love the outfits :) And how's that book, any good?