My husband.  You're amazing.  My best friend.  My encourager.  You make me laugh and bring me back down to earth.  You're going to be an incredible dad.  You sit through all day long childbirth classes and watch videos you'd probably rather not.  And lets face it.  You're super hot.  :--)

My mom.  You've come to all to my showers and tell me that I'm going to be a good mom.  You buy adorable purple boots that Karlyn will probably decide she needs to wear every day.  You look SUPER AMAZING and have diligently put in time and effort to become one super cool healthy grandmother. 

Our childbirth class instructor Katherine.  You did a great job yesterday and really encouraged me that I CAN DO THIS.  You shared stories from your own life and gave us facts and figures and helped me feel a little more comfortable with what's gonna go down in a few weeks.

My mother and father in law for all the love and support you have generously poured out on Ryan and I.  You feed us dinner when we randomly drop by and are always excited about whatever we're up to. 

All the friends and family who have thrown us such beautiful baby showers.  My mom said we're setting a record and I genuninely from the bottom of my heart appreciate it.   You have been so thoughtful and have given us SO MUCH to start our new lives as parents.  THANK YOU.!


I'm 35 weeks today! 

(That's a big picture!)  I had Ryan snap this with my iPhone yesterday before we headed off to our "Preparing for Childbirth" class.  It was a long day but we learned a lot of good stuff and uh, yeah, one guy fainted when she was showing up the epidural needle! :/  His wife goes, oh yeah...he doesn't do well with needles.  Yikes.  It was big though.

Tomorrow we head back to Baylor for a doctor visit and SONOGRAM!  I'm so excited because we haven't had one since I was 22 weeks!  I can't wait to see her :) and hopefully find out what she's weighing these days...

It's been a busy weekend but at least we have a short work week coming up.  Just Mon-Wed and then a 4 day Thanksgiving break!  I plan to use next weekend to reallly get a lot of stuff done...thank you notes, buying little things we still need, cleaning, organizing, and definitely some RESTING too. 

And speaking of rest, I'm out.  Time for lounging around with the husband and dog :>


Jess said...

You look great!

MOM said...

thanks for the kind words!
ditto the other comment, you look great!

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

You look so so good! I can't believe how close you are. Super exciting!