Busy Bees

Oh man.  Ryan and I have been busy this weekend!  We celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday with both of our families and ate a lot of good food.  It was delicious and I didn't hold back.  Chocolate chip pumpkin cheesecake anyone??

On Friday morning, we woke up and both made "To-Do" lists...yes we are nerds and actually enjoy making lists.  And then scratching things off :)  So far we've accomplished the following:

Re-hung mirror and sconces above our dresser (they were too low). Replaced HIGH closet light bulb. Cleaned off mini-blinds in our bedroom and vacuumed cobwebs behind nightstands. Ew. Cleaned off our bedroom ceiling fan. Ew again. Filled some nail holes. Installed a new front porch light - it's pretty! Re-caulked in the guest bathroom and unclogged drain. Set up appointment to have carpets cleaned. *fresh for baby :>* Installed a new light in the nursery...it was that old fashioned plain square light cover and my father-in-law put in a pretty dark brown/glass dome! Bought groceries. Got hair-cut. (It makes me feel better to include those last two). Ha. Hey, anything that gets done these days by me is an accomplishment!

And...this was my project this afternoon!

I had bought these letters at Hobby Lobby and today I went back to pick out paint.  Now I am not a crafty person.  I feel intimidated in a store like that but I manged to find the right aisle and pick out two acrylic paint colors: pistachio mint & dark chocolate :-)

I bought some little brushes and put two coats on each letter.  It was pretty easy!  I had thought that I might hang these with ribbon but the letters are so thin... I want to hang them sort-of diagonally (like the way I have them laid out here) so I think I am going to mount them using some heavy duty mounting tape, above her dresser.  I hope it looks way cute like I'm envisioning!

I told Ryan we need to just chill and do nothing tomorrow after church, but I still feel like I have a lot to do before she gets here!  So I'm sure I will work on a few more things...I have to take advantage of weekends because I am usually dead after work.

I can't believe we have 29 days till my due date.  Craziness.  We're so excited to meet Karlyn and I can't wait to see what she looks like!  Dark hair?  Blonde?  Bald...like I was. :>  She will be here soon!

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