To Do's. Done!

I've had a very productive morning!

I was able to sleep in a little and then went to meet my friend/mentor Barbara.  We had breakfast at IHOP!  It was seriously yum but I didn't take a picture.  Blueberry pancakes with banana slices + scrambled egg whites!  Dee-lish.

I headed up to work after that to pick up my coat I left yesterday.  Brrr!  It's kinda chilly today!  When I left there it was time to get my oil changed.  They were so quick!  I barely had time to sit down and open a Glamour magazine before they told me it was done.  But NOT before they showed me the dirty air filter that needed to be re-placed for an additional $19.99.  Lovely.

I decided I might as well go ahead and get groceries while I was out too.  Why not!?  Knock it all out at once.  I headed to our neighborhood Wal-Mart (I hate the big one now) and did what I often do: guess at what we need or are out of, without a list.

My sweet husband was busy preparing his Sunday School lesson while I was gone...but he also cleaned our casa!  I love coming home to a clean house :>  Clean house + stocked kitchen = happy me.  Check out the loot!

We eat a lot of food.  Here are some highlights of my trip- up close and personal.  I try to buy maybe a couple new things each time I'm at the store.  I love trying new things and I hate getting stuck in a rut!

Can't wait to try this Kashi cereal!  Check it out!  PRETTY!

Instant oatmeal- to make THIS!

oh yeah.

*A variety pack* !!! Awake, Calm, China Green Tips, Earl Grey, Chai, Passion, Decaf Chai, Wild Sweet Orange, Lotus & Zen.  This was on clearance for $1.50!  Can't wait to try these teas!

On clearance for a buck!

His & Hers Peanut Butter. Awh ;>

New cleaning supplies.

Do I need to explain why I bought thesePeanut butter filled pretzels.  I didn't think so.

So that's been my Saturday blog friends!  Ryan's watching Nascar--I'm not ready for this to begin yet!-- :/ I'm going to whip up some lunch and then just relax.  Read maybe...yoga perhaps.  I need to bake for tomorrow night's super bowl party with my Sunday School class.  Should be fun!  Oh, and here's one more pic.  I think my hair IS getting longer!  Right??

Maybe my pre-natal + biotin combo is working!

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