Nothing fancy

Tonight's dinner was nothing fancy.

My appetite's been a little weird today so I wasn't even that hungry tonight.  It always weirds me out when at a time I "should" be hungry...and usually am, I'm not!  Ryan and I whipped up a quick and easy dinner of George Foreman grilled chicken, sweet potato fries, ranch style beans, and guacamole + plus a few chips!

I think a left-over brownie is in my near future too, along with a nice long bath.  Ahhh. some nights that is my favorite way to relax.

I stayed a little later at work tonight and was able to get some things crossed off my perpetually never-ending to-do list.  The sad part is, I think March is only going to get busier!

I headed to one of my favorite stores today on my lunch break:  Hallmark!  :>

I haven't been in forever and it was time to stock up on some cards!  Valentine's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, and one for later. :--)  L.O.V.E. it.  I spent $28.00.  Ryan was aghast.!  Speaking of Ryan, he's watching Lost, the show I have no clue what's going on in.  We watched a couple episodes when we were dating but I never made it to future seasons...

I'm really enjoying my "break" from Facebook!  I feel so free and full of extra time! :> :> :>

But really, who has extra time these days?  We're all so stinkin busy.  Apparently our friends Brian and Amanda though have lots of time to capture fun memories!  On my camera! he he.  It's payback time:

Love you guys! ;>


Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

sometimes nothing fancy is just what you need...and it's all good :)

Shannon - www.thedailybalance.com said...

just found your blog -- you are too cute!I'm looking forward to reading more posts! ;)http://www.thedailybalance.com

Amber Shea said...

Hehe, the world headquarters of Hallmark is here in KC yet most of their stores here seem to have closed in the last few years! Guess their business is better elsewhere, heh