Takin a break

Not from blogging!  I know, I know...all 3 of you just broke a sweat.  ;>

I'm taking a break from Face Book. Eee!  I'll admit it.  I'm sure it's gonna be tough and I don't even know how long I'll stay off it.  Maybe the month of February?  That's a long time.  But not really.

I think I just need to though.  Seriously, do I really need to know (10x a day) what every.single.person. is doing?  I think not.  It depresses me sometimes and makes me discontent.  I know, sounds like a personal problem.  But do I think I could spend that time more wisely doing something else?  Sure. 

How about: reading my Bible.  Doing yoga.  Calling a friend (yes actually picking up the phone) STRETCHING.  Baking.  Going to bed earlier.  Ding ding ding!!

Anyways, yeah.  Call me or e-mail me if you need me :)  And keep reading, por favor!

I got to leave work early today.  Woo hoo!  I decided to schedule a 30 minute massage at Massage Envy for right after work.  Oh yeahh.

Gosh, it hurt!  I've had 2 there before but this one HURT.  Kim kept saying, sorry.  Sorry.  I almost asked her to reign it in a little a few times but then I would think, surely it's almost over.  She's going to ease up in a minute.  But really, it hurt because I am so knotted and dog gone tight!

I sit all day at my desk using my mouse with my right hand.  And my right shoulder blade area is where my knot always pops up!  But I was am tight all over my back/neck/shoulder region.  She said it's never just one spot.  She said, "You can't wait until it gets this bad to come in!" 

Ok, great.  Kim, are you going to pay for my weekly back massages ?  ;)

But right after I picked up my purse.  I have GOT to lighten that thing.!  It's ridiculous.  I need to use my foam roller more.  Stretch more.  Do more yoga.  And learn to relax and not keep things inside until the tenseness seeps into my back!

It's I don't care Friday!!!  (That's for you Bethany)  So ready for the weekend.  And the sun is out right now!  I thought I might go for a walk.  Or clean out my car.  Do both? 

Right after I check facebook.

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