You Were Born for This

I've been reading like a mad woman.  Ryan bought me a Jodi Picoult book for Christmas called "Change of Heart" that I had finished by New Years Day!  I love her books and how I'm pulled into the story from the very first page.  I think it's a real gift to be able to write like that.  Books can add up though, even at Half Price Books :), so I headed down to our library to pick up some freebies.

Our library keeps a few shelves kind-of free-floating in the middle of the room with new books that have come in and I always scan those first before I head back to the fiction and health sections.  A bright orange book caught my eye not only by the color but by the title.

You Were Born for This.  Kinda makes you shiver just reading that huh? ;>  The sub-title is "7 Keys to a Life of Predictable Miracles."  Bruce Wilkinson is the author (as if you can't see that for yourself) and also wrote the best-seller, "The Prayer of Jabez," among a few others.

I picked up this book on Saturday and I'm already finished.!  It was that good.  And I think I kinda read fast.  That's what Ryan tells me anyways.  He has NOT made strides in fulfilling my pre-marriage fantasy of us lying in bed together, each reading our own book.  He flips through his Sports Illustrated though so I suppose I should be happy. 

"You Were Born for This" has really just kind-of inspired me.  It talks about how God wants to perform miracles through each of us, for the benefit of others.  God isn't just sitting up in heaven, watching the decades roll by, says Bruce.  He has an agenda, a plan, and He is looking for willing servants to say, "Here I am Lord, send me."  I don't want to give the book away and it's hard to explain completely anyways.  But it has opened my eyes and mind to the fact that people everywhere have a need.  And I just might be able, God's power working through me, to help meet it. 

There is also a chapter near the end that talks about dreams.  Specifically, your BIG LIFE DREAM.  Do you have one?  We were each born with something big to do, Mr. Wilkinson says, and we're going to be MOST happy when we're doing that very thing.  Its got me to thinking.  What do I want to do?  What am I passionate about and what do I feel deep down inside, called to do?  I think I have an idea.  I've had an idea rolling around in my head for several years now and its time to start acting on it.  Small. Positive. Action. steps in the right direction is where I'm headed. 

What about you?  Do you have a dream?

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