Oh.  My gosh.  My hands are numb. (Wed afternoon at 4:12 pm)


Not Good.

I got home Tuesday night to find the heat running.  Not unusual.  What was a litte iffy was the overpowering rumbling sound I heard that made me think a helicopter was circling our house.  I told Ryan they would find him eventually.  Finally he got home and agreed with me that something wasn't right.  Cool air was blowing out of the guest bathroom vent.  Ryan's dad works on the big chillers at UT and knows everything about heating and air.  Yay!  But he had just had shoulder surgery that afternoon and was in no condition to come look at it.  After several phone calls to various people, I switched it to "Emergency Heat" and the house starting warming up.  We didn't leave it running all night though because Ryan was afraid whatever was wrong might get worse.  This accounted for why I slept in pants, a long sleeve shirt, and used 4 blankets, one of them being a heated throw.  Oh wait.  That's how I sleep every night, minus the throw.  :-->

So the whole night was just kinda crummy, I was in a bad mood and I thought yoga might help.  I did a 20 min hip opening flow on my trusty pink mat.  It helped, but not much.

Dinner wasn't bad though! I had this plate of broccoli and macaroni and cheese + ham with shredded cheese on both.  Yes, since I married Ryan and we started buying the gigantic bag of cheese, I feel compelled to put cheese on my mac and cheese.  Cause that's necessary.

Wednesday afternoon.  I got home and Willard Heating and Air came over and told me that the blower motor and wheel are out. bad. caput. (sp?)  The good news is we can replace those *not till Thursday!* and then later Ryan's dad Danny can get the major part we'll need eventually at a much lower cost.  So it's gonna be fine.  We can run the emergency heat tonight to make it through the ghastly winter weather descending upon TEXAS. 

While I waited for the bearers of bad news to get here I snapped a pic of my curly hair I tried out today.  Much better than my New Year's fiasco do.  That was just too much curl.  Today was better. 

I hope you're all staying warm out there!  I'm off to find my heated throw.

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