A weekend to remember

This should be interesting.  I had to take a pain pill about an hour ago and I am feeling very. very. sleepy/out of it.  But here goes :>  I can definitely say I've had better weekends.  Thursday of course Ryan and I headed up to Dr. Miller's office for my surgery.  As we were walking down the hall, a nurse was pushing a girl about my age in a wheelchair who looked pretty rough.  I joked with Ryan saying, I wonder if she just got her wisdom teeth out.

So we got to the office and they took me back pretty quickly after we paid.  I sat down and he said are you ready?  "Uh, I guess.  Oh, so the girl in the wheelchair...did she just have her wisdom teeth out?"  "Yes."  "Great."

He told me in about 30-45 seconds I'd start feeling relaxed.  About 20 seconds after that was the last thing I remember.  The next thing I knew he was saying, "Kati, we're done.  Can you raise your arm?"  I was like, what!  You can't be done.  I just sat down.  I was trying to raise my arm but you know those dreams you have where you want to run or scream and you try as hard as you can but you just can't?  That's what it was like trying to raise my arm.  But I guess I eventually showed some semblance of coherence so they put me in the wheelchair and wheeled me out to the car.  I think. 

I don't remember our 3 minute drive home but we got home and I got right into bed and slept all day.  It was weird because I'd wake up every few hours and then just go back to sleep.  I remember Ryan bringing in some pudding around 1:00 or so and I tried to take a small bite.  And almost threw up.  So I didn't eat.  I came into the living room that night and vegged on the couch for a bit.

The next few days I lived on the couch, with the heated blanket, watching tv.  I had a loyal companion by my side.

Are you ever going to get up ?

On Friday night my sweet Aunt and cousin Aislyn brought me over some goodies.  I was so glad to have company for a bit.  They brought me yellow flowers, yogurts, ben & jerry's ice cream, mac & cheese, and a red box movie: The Proposal!  So sweet of them to do that.  Ryan and I watched the movie that night- he fell asleep.  (Who's on medication here??)  and the ice cream was delicious!

I've been eating yogurt, ice cream, soup, pudding, scrambled eggs...

and of course I've been partaking of these:

we watched a lot of this yesterday:

Yesterday was the only day I've left the house.  I was about to go crazy.  In fact I was sobbing.  I think partly because I was tired of laying on the couch.  with the dog.  And partly I was tired of hurting.  So I put something on besides pajamas, straightened my hair, and covered my tear-swollen eyes with mounds of concealer.  I know.  Hot.  We ate lunch as Jason's Deli (took me 30 min to eat a bowl of vegetable soup but man it was good) and then we went to Ryan's parents to watch football and have a CHANGE OF SCENERY.  That helped majorly.  My friend Bethany came over last night after that and it was so good to see her :)  We ate soup Ryan's mom made us and decided to watch 24.  I liked it!  I'd only watched 1 episode back in 2005.  It was really good, especially after I told Ryan he could stop pausing it every 2 seconds to explain what was going on to me.  I got it.  :)  I love him.

So today's my last day to rest.  And that's what I plan to do.  In fact, I think it's time for a nap.  I have no idea how I'm going to send professional e-mails tomorrow if I'm still drugged up but I guess I'll try. 

Happy MLK Jr. Day!  And congrats if you hung in there for this marathon post. 

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