Yuck.  I just feel blah.  So last night was pretty much awful.  I slept from about 10-12 and woke up at midnight with pain on the left side of my mouth.  As usual, I downed a pain pill and waited for it to kick in.  It was really hurting though so I came in the living room and turned on the tv.  Half hour.  Hour.  2:00 am.  3:00 am.  The pain just stayed.  I kept trying to fall asleep but the pain wouldn't let me.  I kept wondering if I should go to some kind of 24 hour clinic or maybe the ER.  Or was I just being a baby!?  Finally around 3:00 I took 2 Advil.  What do ya know...those must have done the trick because Ryan woke me up at 6:45 and the pain was gone.  I was EXHAUSTED.  I got up and took a shower, got dressed, and headed to work.  First I called Dr. Miller's office though and they said I could come in at 10:45 to check things out.  Turns out I had a little bit of dry socket.  No wonder I wanted to curl into the fetal position and die.

He put some dressing on it which immediately made it feel better.  I headed back to work until I couldn't see straight anymore from lack of sleep and came home and napped + more Advil.  I'm just hoping I can sleep tonight and feel more normal tomorrow.  I don't think I have a very high pain tolerance but it's kinda good to know that something really did need to be done.

I'm so over eating soft foods!  I had Easy Mac and tomato soup for lunch and had some chicken noodle soup for dinner.  I'm thinking I may try some cereal in milk soon... Ryan's on his way home and we're going to watch "24" from last night.  We taped it because duh--I had to watch The Bachelor  :>

This "dressing" stuff in my mouth tastes bad. gross.  Can I whine some more?

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