Home Cookin'

Well partly.  Half of our Wednesday night dinner was homemade; the other half was from Wal-Mart's frozen section.  That's ok by me.  I don't like to have a ton of pre-made frozen meals, but I've recently discovered how much time is saved by purchasing sweet potato fries instead of making my own!  I like to make them but I can never get them crispy like I want.  Anyone know how to do this?!

The other part of our dinner was chicken pot pie!  I remember my mom used the buy the small frozen ones every now and then when I was younger, but trust me, homemade is so much better!  And healthier :>

I didn't really follow a recipe but just kinda threw things together.  For my pie I used:

* About 5 cups of frozen veggies (1 bag of snap pea stir-fry mix- it's what we had!) and some corn
* 1 can of cream of chicken soup
* 2 chicken breasts
* 1 generic brand pie crust

I nuked the veggies in the microwave and then tried to drain off any water.  I mixed those with the soup and then added my diced chicken breast which I had grilled on the George Foreman.  I poured all that into a greased glass pie plate and topped it with the crust, which was slightly too large/round for the pan.  Oh well.

I threw it in the oven along with a pan of the fries on *400 for about 20-25 min.  It was awesome!  The soup seemed kinda watery? thin, but I think it was the water from the microwaved veggies.  I didn't hear any comlaints though : )  The crust was really good and I have made a version of this before using crescent rolls instead.

(took all these pics with the old camera; have to get new batteries for the new one already!)

I took leftovers for lunch on Thursday.  I love doing that!  It's so easy to just pack a container right then when dinner is out and not have to mess with it in the morning. 

LOL.  Time out.  The heater guy is giving me marriage advice.  Or something like that... telling me in 10-12 years, I may wish I was by myself again.  I don't plan on that.?  Not every day of marriage is flowers and sunshine but that's real life.  Love is not a feeling and the incredible days far outweigh the tough ones. 

So... to wrap up, I need some ideas.  If I'm going to blog every day, I'm sure you'll eventually tire of my regaling you with stories of broken down appliances (and the wisdom the repair man bringeth!) ;> So what do you want to see on here?  Recipes, tips...let me know if you have any specific questions or requests and I'll do my best.


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