Off to a good start!

I started my Saturday with a small smoothie...small because we have next to nothing food wise in this house!  I used milk, yogurt, berries, ground flax seed, and a little water.  It was pretty tart because we usually add banana and/or protein powder to them. 

I decided to do the 20 min yoga- hip opening flow that I did the other night.  I usually do yoga in the living room using the laptop but today I decided to try it in our "guest bedroom" which is really just a very small room housing my twin size bed I've had since I was little!  Ryan got a free Ipod dock thingamajig from work and it's great to use for yoga on the go.  I liked using the back bedroom because there are no distractions, ie: messy room/house.

I think I need a new yoga mat- this one's losing its grippiness!--hint, hint Ryan ;>

I made a 2nd breakfast after I cleaned up the kitchen but no picture :) It was the best oatmeal! 

* 1/3 cup oats
* 1/3 cup milk/1/3 cup water
*1/2 t. brown sugar and some honey
*a few raisins
*peanut butter!

This is what I came out to find after yoga:

Dodge LOVES blankets of any kind, especially this heated one.  Aren't they cute?  Yes I had permission to post this early morning picture of Ryan :>

I'm off to shower and get my hair cut!  Just a trim because I have re-fortified ? my decision to grow my hair out.  Then...I'm meeting up with a Delta Chi Rho sister and friend that I haven't seen in forever!  Can't wait to catch up with her.

Have a great Saturday ya'll!

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