Meet Chloe

Isn't she pretty? :--)  I've been wanting a plant lately!  I used to have one... named Jason from a friend in college.  I think it was an ivy plant?  Hmmm... foreshadowing?  Anyways, I took care of Jason through living with my parents, my own aparment, and maybe one more move after that.  Eventually though he died. 

I've even heard that plants are healthy to have around!  But let me digress.  I headed out for a morning workout after eating some cereal and pb and jelly toast to start my day off.  It seems like lately on Saturdays (the perfect day to get a good workout in!) I schlep around the house, cleaning, or just doing nothing, and then never end up making it to the gym.  If I go first thing though, I have a sense of accomplishment right off the bat which usually motivates me to get more stuff done.  I had a good one too.  I love that my gym overlooks the water.  It's so calming and at night after work you can catch a great sunset.  My workout went like this:

- 10 minutes of elliptical
-25ish mintues of weights (back and shoulders)
- 5 minutes of treadmill- run/walk
    I get so bored doing cardio!  I have no idea how I ran cross-country back in high school.  When I left the gym, I headed to Lowe's to pick out a plant.  Uh, pretty sure I looked quite idiotic walking around trying to find an "indoor" plant..."They're in the greenhouse."  "Oh sure, yeah.  And where is the greenhouse?"  :-->

    I really didn't know one plant from the other so I decided  to pick one that appealed to me.  I got this one!  I also picked up this pretty pot to put my plant in.  I'm not sure if it will stay on the kitchen table but it seems like the best spot for now.  Or maybe my desk at work :)

    I wanted to pick a name, ya know, since the only other plant I've had in my life had one.  I couldn't decide...Mabel? Claudia?..noo, I think she was our realtor.  Then it came to me: CHLOE!  Cute??  :)

    I went to get groceries after that which included some Sabra roasted red pepper hummus.  Yummers.!  It's good with sliced zucchini. (See what's in the background??  I told you we eat bananas.)

    PIZZA FOR LUNCH!  On Ezekiel bread, with shredded cheese, turkey pepperoni, and some garlic salt.

    My new holiday candle!  Smells soooo good.  It's from Kohls and the layers are Spiced Cider Snap, Honey & Vanilla, and Pine Needles.  Ahhhhh.

    I decided to get a Sunday newspaper...for LEISURE READING and for COUPONS!

    Lunch is Ready!...with Pizza sauce for dipping ;>

    Do you have plants in your house?  What kinds???  Happy Weekend!

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