Just Say No. To Nascar.

Howdy!  So this is a little late but better late than never right?  I had a busy but nice weekend- just me and the dog.  Ryan was at the races with his family.  They go support Nascar about twice a year but I'm just not a fan.  I tried!  I've been to one day race and one at night but it appeals to me in no way, shape, or form to watch cars fly around a track for 3+ hours.  In the heat.  Surrounded by rednecks interesting people. Who spill beer on your purse. (That happened to me the 1st time I went.)  So I let them do their thing while I relish my weekend alone to do whatever the heck I want! :--) 

Saturday morning Cheryl from work called me and told that Firewheel was having a European Farmer's Market and that I should join her in perusing the tables!  Fun!  I thought I might do some early Christmas shopping too so I picked up the house a bit, did some yoga, showered, made breakfast, and headed out.

Snacks for the day :> LOVE these Kettle chips I found!

We had a really good time.  The farmer's market had fruits and veggies, meats, lots of local honey, jewelry, olive oil, and other neat-o unique stuff.  I may or may not have gotten my BFF a very cool present there! ;)

I had to play catch up on Sunday and do my usual week-end chores.  I went grocery shopping armed with my list and then came home and did some cookin'!  When I buy groceries, I buy a lot of the same things every week but a lot of times I'll try to buy at least one new thing I've never had before.  This week:  ACORN SQUASH!  I had seen this at the Farmer's Market but this one's from Wally World :>  Pretty, no?

I cut this in half, scooped out the seeds, baked it in a pan with a little water-flat side down- for about 45 minutes, then scooped out the flesh....sooo, I had a taste with some Smart Balance.  It was pretty good!  A little stringy.  Today I work I heated some up to have with a salad but I just wansn't feelin it.  Maybe if I threw it in the magic bullet so it was less stringy?

I also made this "left-overs" soup which I had for dinner last night.  It was:

  1. chicken broth

  2. ground turkey

  3. bow tie pasta

  4. onions

  5. tomatoes that had seen better days

  6. sprinkle of cheese

While I cooked, I ate some of this Kashi pizza.  My mom had found these on sale at Target and got me 3.  One with mushrooms and two that were roasted vegetable.  These are just kind-of ok.  I like other frozen pizzas much better!

Mmmm dessert...peanut brittle!  Cheryl so kindly bought me some of this :>

Look at this GINORMOUS bag of frozen veggies I bought at WalMart!  Love it.  I used these to make Ryan's breakfast for the week.  It's a egg/turkey/veggie bake that is verrry tasty.  And easy!  I can't take the credit though.  The recipe is here: http://jcdfitness.com/2009/01/fitness-food-%E2%80%93-egg-bake/

Last but not least... Humor me here.  I like my dog.  Except he DID decide to take a BITE out of my Gap brown rubber flip flop tonight!  NOT happy about this.  Still, he was being cute for the camera on Sunday.

The Broncos are playing now and I've looked at a computer far too long today.  Have a great week my friends!  I'm off Wednesday and can't wait to get my "hair did." ;>

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