Canine Companion

Ah Sunday.  The Lord's day! A day to relax, rest, spend time with family, friends, or your dog ;>  Dodger loves to just chill with us on Sundays.  He's already taken several naps but of course is never too incoherent to snap his head up and trot over to whoever is eating a snack.  We really don't give him a lot of "people food" but every now and then he gets the last bite from Ryan's plate or the apple core he's about to toss out.

Dodger is our baby.  For now ;)  I've never been a dog person.  I just never liked going to people's houses to have their dog(s) jump on me or LICK me.  Eick.  I guess it was mostly bigger dogs that scared? me.  We had a couple of dogs growings up but they never lasted.  I guess cause the kids were always little and were either scared of them or they ended up chewing on the house. (the dogs) 

Ryan has had about 15 dogs in his life!  Snickers, Rocky, Pepper, Missy- these are among the few canines that took up residence with the Ivey's at one time or another.  I shouldn't have been surprised then when Ryan decided several months ago that he wanted a dog.  He NEEDED a dog.  We had one dog soon after we got married- a little black lab mix named Jada- but she kept chewing up the house...she didn't seem to be the best fit for us.  This time around (after much persuading on Ryan's part) we decided to look for a little dog.  One that wouldn't get very big.  Enter....


I love this little dog. (never thought I would say that about any animal!!)  He is seriously the cutest, sweetest, sneakiest, funniest, lovable little dog.  He's laying in my lap as we speak :--)  He weighed about 2.5 lbs the day we got him and he's now about up to 5 lbs.  We took a while to pick out a name but "Dodger" totally fits him because his favorite thing is to have someone chase him or try to get him.  He jumps and runs around and sprints behind the couch and has a ball.  He's actually really speedy!  So without further ado:  a photo gallery of Dodge  :>

I'll be back later this week with a post about our upcoming VACATION!  Wahoo!!  And...a comparison between 2 peanut butters: What Ryan eats and what I eat!

Have a great week!  Can you believe it's November!?

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