What's on SALE???

Although I've never been a person who enjoys sleeping late, I do appreciate getting an extra hour or so on weekends.  There's not a lot of things that would pull me out of bed on a Saturday, at 6:15, but today there was one such thing.  GARAGE SALES!  I love a good garage sale don't you?  I used to go with my mom when I was younger and I remember having so much fun.  I also remember holding our own sales and Kyle and I spending the whole day before (yes, we were homeschooled :>) baking cake-mix cookies and stuffing them into ziplock baggies.  We would attempt to sell these and cokes (yes, I haven't always though soft drinks are evil)  I've found some really neat things before at garage sales and there's just something about waking up early and heading out to sort through a stranger's junk have a neighborhood adventure!

Anyhoo- this morning I headed out to a big neighborhood garage sale in a nice area around where I work.  The sale was actually out in a field kind-of and there were LOTS of people and LOTS of stuff.  Even in a sweatshirt, it was a bit chilly but I braved the cold and walked around in the wet, muddy grass. 

I was disappointed!  I guess garage sales just aren't what they used to be.  It just seemed like it was mostly junk. :(  There was a quite a bit of Christmas decor and the usual assortment of kids clothes and baby items.  In the end, I walked away with a super cute tweet jacket and a set of three glass candle holders with gold rims.  For $6 total!  So it wasn't ALL bad.  I stopped at a few more on the way home but nothing caught my eye. 

I suppose "garage-saling" is about the thrill of the chase ?  And for me, it's definitely about memories.  And hey, I got some exercise in!  Walking is a great form of exercise.  Anyone can do it.  It's FREE!  It requires no special equipment.  It's good for your heart and it's a great form of stress relief. 

The sales should have long wrapped up by now but see if you can find another way to squeeze in some walking this weekend.  Your body will thank you :)

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