Bananas gone wild

We eat a lot of bananas at our house.  I always laugh at how disproportionate the amount of bananas I have in my shopping cart are to everything else I purchase.  I don't care though.  Bananas are awesome!  Almost as awesome as peanut butter, which they happen to pair up bea-u-tifully with!   Bananas boast some pretty sweet stats too:

  • Great source of potassium
  • Healthy does of FIBER
  • Inexpensive, on-the-go choice for a natural sugar boost
  • A roughly 100 calorie fruit that can actually improve your mood!
  • Electrolyes in banans help maintain fluid levels
...and so much more!  I was amazed.  I always knew bananas or any fruit for that matter was a good choice, but bananas are quite impressive.  They can be eaten in so many ways!  Some of my fave's are a pb&banana sandwich, sliced banana cooked into oatmeal or in cereal, frozen chunks of banana whipped into a smoothie, OR banana bread!!!  I remember my mom baking this treat so many times but as I got older I kept searching for a healthier recipe.  I wanted it to taste good like my moms, but also have some nutritional benefits.  I searched http://www.grouprecipes.com/ because they have TONS of recipes and they're so easy to find.  I found this one and loved it!  Even Ryan liked it :> which is the true test of whether a "healthier" baked good passes the test.  The only thing I did wrong in making this was failing to mix the dry, then wet, then combine.  A salty piece of banana bread does NOT taste good.  But the rest of the loaf was fab!  I didn't snap a pic of the loaf.  My bad.  :/  You can also freeze it in pieces and just re-heat when you get a craving :)

On a side note, do you know who this is??? I didn't at first! It's Jillian, from The Biggest Loser. She looks different huh? She has a nice article inside where she challenges people to go beyond their self-imposed fitness limits and...GO ORGANIC!

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