Out with my boots on

Not really.  We stayed home tonight.  Ryan is over at his parents with Dodger boy and I'm enjoying some lovely alone time. We ordered pizza tonight- thin crust with chicken, peppers, and onions. And, some barbeque wings. Nice! and yum. I definitely didn't want to cook and didn't feel like going out. I just tidied up the kitchen, started some towels, and have Pride and Prejudice on "whilst I blog." :> Love that movie of course. I'm hoping to rise and shine around 6:30ish?? :/ and head over to a big neighborhood garage sale. I would love to find some nice stuff for our house.

It was great having a short work week. Wednesday I had lunch with Barbara, the wise, wonderful woman who has mentored me over the past several months. I know God brought us together! 

Today was my day to stay late at work and so I took a full hour for my lunch.  I ended up waiting 25 MIN at Which-Wich because they were over-crowded and under-staffed. :<  I made sure my break ended on a good note though and stopped by the nail salon literally 1 min from my office.  Instead of getting a full pedicure, I had them give my toes a quick brush of purple polish---I definitely left in a better mood!

Hope everyone has a splendid weekend!

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