I had a bad thought

I needed my bangs trimmed today. I called the salon to make an appt. with my hair girl but she couldn't get me in--even for a bang trim!--until Saturday. I dont't want to wait till Saturday! There's a very nice salon near where I work so I decided to run in and see if someone could give me a quick trim. And good news- bang trims are free!

A cute woman with a sassy short blonde cut comes around the corner and tells me her name is Amy. Uh...MY hair girl's name is Amy. Weird, no? I sat down in her chair and she took several minutes to get them as short as I wanted and texturize them a little. I was very pleased! It didn't hurt either that she made me feel good by telling me I have a "cute haircut."
:--) I decided to leave her a tip before I left and that's when it hit me. The bad thought. I was walking out to my car and thought, I liked her. I could see myself going to her...uh ya know, to get my hair done sometime. Kati! You already have an Amy! You've been going to her for a while now! Is it ok to switch stylists on a whim?? I have heard that going to someone new can give you some fresh perspective. And anyone who knows me knows I am very anti-hair-rut. I LOVE changing things up. Do I dare?

The little -new bangs boost- persuaded me to hit the gym after work for 20 min of cardio and about 15 of lifting. I didn't "feel" like going but I made myself go anyways. And it never fails. Whenever that happens, I always feel better afterwards!

Do you hate exercising? Is it a struggle to find the time or motivation to work out? Find something- anything! to help you pursue personal fitness. Need some ideas?

  • New work out tunes for your iPod
  • New, cute work out clothes
  • A $10 exercise video to use at home
  • An energy bar you've been wanting to try (eat half before and half after)
  • Find a picture of someone or better yet yourself, that inspires you to get fit and look at it before you work out
  • Tell yourself you'll feel better after a sweaty cardio session- you will!

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