Days of our lives...in 200 pictures

...a new look! :-) Yes, I've had a hard time deciding how my blog should look. And even if I want to blog. But Heather has inspired me to try it again. I think I get overwhelmed with the thought of having to produce a long wordy post several times a week and just say nah, I'll skip it! But I can post something short. :> And without pictures!

Today was greatness. We were off for Columbus Day and I used the time to get a project done that I'd been procrastinating on for a while. I put some photo albums together! I had over 200 pictures on our laptop and starting yesterday I began sorting through them, deleting ones that weren't worth printing. Then this morning I uploaded them to all to Walgreens online photo thing-y and chose the ones I wanted to print. There were a lot. They were ready by this afternoon and I worked furiously (and gave myself a backache), sitting on the floor and trying to put 2.5 YEARS of our lives in chronological order. Trust me on this. You do not want to wait 2.5 years to start photo-albuming your life. I kept at it though and am super pleased with the result! I have one photo album we got for a wedding present that has a pretty silver cover with "love sayings" on it, which I filled up and then I bought a little red leather album at Wal-Mart for the rest. If you see me anytime soon, you'll probably be seeing these albums. I'm kinda proud of them :>

In other news, I made a hodge-podge lasagna (meaning I didn't really know what I was doing so I just threw stuff together.) It was good ! Love when that happens.

I used:
  1. oven-ready lasagna noodles
  2. pasta sauce
  3. ground turkey
  4. ricotta cheese
  5. mozzarella cheese
  6. spinach
It's back to the grind tomorrow. A short week is always nice though right?

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