Weekend Getaway

That looks weird..."getaway?" Is that one word? Google said it was :) Ryan and I are headed to his grandparent's lake house this weekend! I have only been out there once when they first got it and were still working on it. Now the tv is hooked up and the boat is ready to pull us on a tube! I looove tubing and can't wait to do that. We tried to water-ski last time but I stink! After about 5 or 6 times of attempting to get up and then crashing down, I said, "I'm done!" and got back in the boat. I don't know if I'll try it again. . .

It's about a 2 hour drive which isn't tooo bad. I told Ryan this morning that maybe I'll make us a new cd-playlist to jam out to while we drive. I may even throw on a few MJ songs for Ryan...apparently he's a HUGE Michael Jackson fan, but has only made this known to me in the last few weeks :/ Ryan singing his songs= pretty good entertainment.

I've already talked to Ryan about how I want to bring some of my own food this weekend. On trips like this, I always end up not feeling so great when I eat a bunch of foods that I don't normally eat. (pancakes, nachos, beef) I KNOW I'll feel my best if I have some of the foods I eat on a regular basis and I'll be in a much better mood. Soo...I thought I'd compile a little list of some foods I might take or pick up once we get there. Please feel free to chime in with other ideas! I have been trying to eat a lot more vegetarian/vegan type meals and snacks...but often run out of ideas. Here's what I've thought of so far:

  • Loaf of High-Fiber Bread
  • Natural Peanut Butter
  • 4-Pack of Veggie Burgers
  • Box of Nature's Path Organic Flax Plus Oatmeal Packets
  • Nuts/Raisins/Organic Cheerios in ziploc baggies
  • Bag of spinach
  • Roma Tomatoes
  • Avacados
  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • 4 PB Larabars
  • Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze

Now I may not take/buy ALL of that, but those were some ideas I had...any others!???

HAPPY HUMP DAY! Tomorrow is my "Friday!"

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